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First dates always make women anxious whether they are 17 or 47. It may also seem that everyone knows more about dates than you. Some advice is nice and you can actually use it in real life, but other tips and tricks will only turn your first date into a real nightmare. So how do you introduce yourself to a stranger without the usual embarrassment and stress? We can say that some things are unavoidable and there will always be some awkwardness on the first date, yet there are a few tips you can use to make it go as smooth as possible. Here are 5 first date tips that are really good and 5 you should never use.



Good: You are not applying for a job
First dates are not about ‘winning’ or presenting yourself the best way possible, after all you want the other person to get to know the real you and not the pampered prima donna version of yourself. The same goes for the guy you’re dating. It’s about finding a unique connection with another person and not about winning a beauty contest. Act natural so that you don’t feel uncomfortable afterwards.



Bad: Wait for him to make all the decisions
Some women think that if a guy asks them out it means they are entitled to some kind of special treatment. That’s not exactly true and you yourself need to show that you are interested in a person. Guys feel just as insecure on the first date so you need to reveal at least a little bit of what you’re feeling. If you like the guy – touch his arm or smile while looking into his eyes. Non-verbal communication is also important.

Good: Forget about your smartphone
Yes, we live in the age of iPhones and Instagram, but when you’re spending time with another person try to avoid sticking to your smartphone all the time. It will send the message that you’re not interested in the guy and would rather spend the evening reading Facebook. This doesn’t help connect with another person, so think about unplugging during your first date.



Bad: Play hard to get
While most women think it looks really cool, playing hard to get actually sends the wrong message. Guys aren’t big on subtle hints, so if you want him to know that you like him – show it at list a little bit. Otherwise he will think you are not interested and will go his own way. The key is not to overdo things.

Good: Do something new
While it is common to go for coffee during the first date, you can also try something new to see how you both react to different environments. It’s too early for movies and restaurants, but you can visit a carnival, museum or an art exhibition. Rock climbing can get you the necessary adrenaline rush and reduce stress levels. It’s a win-win!



Bad: Make him jealous
Would you want your new date to check out every girl passing by? Probably not. The same goes for men, so if you want his full attention and you really like the guy, don’t make him fight for you when you still barely know each other. First dates should be pleasant with people getting to know each other. It’s not a battle for someone’s affections.

Good: Don’t be too serious
It’s a first date and not the end of the world. Try being as spontaneous and fun as possible because this is what will make your date truly memorable. Don’t think too much about what to wear, how to behave ad what to say – you will miss all the fun. Just be yourself and see where it will lead you.

Bad: Stalk him on social media before the date
With so much information being posted all around you will be definitely tempted to Google your future date. While it might be a good idea to check if he’s married, you don’t really want to go all CSI on him. Knowing too much will take away from the excitement of the first date. And wouldn’t you want to hear him say everything to you personally?



Good: Be yourself
Pretending you are someone else can get you into lots of trouble, especially if the guy falls for that persona. You’ll be stuck with a mask that isn’t you and who would want that? You have to be yourself on the first date no matter how awkward you might feel about the concept. First dates reveal whether people are compatible or not, so you can’t pretend you’re wired in a different way. Just be true to yourself.

Bad: Don’t eat too much
It’s okay to actually eat on a date, even if you think it’ll be a bit messy. Just go for that burger if you’re hungry – starving on a date will spoil the whole experience for both of you. Just imagine if your stomach starts rumbling during a truly romantic moment – it’ll be a disaster! But be sure to avoid food with strong smells like garlic and onions.

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