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6 Common Breakfast Mistakes You’re Making 》

There are so many things we could say about breakfast. Some believe it’s the most important meal of the day and you can’t skip it, others scoff at that and only have coffee in the morning. Some believe that breakfast is a guilt free time so you can have cakes and pastries, others can’t stomach anything more than a smoothie. But who’s right and who’s wrong and who do we believe? Well, we compiled a list of breakfast mistakes that will help you figure it out.



1. Skipping Breakfast
Skipping breakfast is not a great idea. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, just don’t have time, or aren’t that hungry in the morning. Your body has been without food all night. You need nutrition. Plus, not eating in the morning will only result in overeating at lunch time or dinner. So make yourself some overnight oats if you’re pressed for time in the morning or have a smoothie, or at least some eggs if you’re not that hungry.

2. Only Drinking Coffee
Most people love starting their day with a nice cup of coffee. We get it. Coffee smells good, it tastes delicious, it wakes us up and gets us ready for the day. But coffee also dehydrates you, and you’re already dehydrated in the morning. So try to make it a habit to have a big glass of water in the morning. Put it on your nightstand the night before and have it as soon as you wake up, or have it while you’re making your morning cup of joe.

3. Not Having Protein
Protein is important. It’s like fuel for our body, it gives us energy. And since our energy is at the all time low in the morning – it’s a good idea to fuel up with some protein. This can be simply done by having some eggs for breakfast, or adding some protein powder to your smoothie.

4. Having Dessert For Breakfast
A lot of people treat breakfast as a guilt free time. We think we’ll have plenty of time during the day to burn off all the bad calories, so we opt for pastries and cakes and croissants and in some cases even some left over pizza. Well guess what? These are empty calories and they don’t benefit your body in the morning at all. You’ll just feel groggy and tired all day. It’s much better to opt for something healthy, to fuel your body right.

5. Having a Bowl Of Cereal
Cereal is so ingrained in our society as a breakfast food that some people believe it’s actually good for you. Yeah, some of it states “lots of fiber” and “fortified with vitamins”, and we believe it’s good. But you know what else it contains alongside the fiber and vitamins? Lots and lots of added sugar, which, as you have probably guessed, is not great.

6. Flavoured Yogurt and Granola
Yogurt and granola sounds like a healthy alternative to cereal, and it kind of is, as long as it’s plain and not flavoured. A lot of fruit flavored yogurt contains tons of sugar, and so does chocolate or peanut butter flavored granola. Always go for plain ones instead and just flavour with fresh fruit, berries and nuts.

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