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6 Feng Shui Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Guy 》

Feng Shui is all about harmonizing everything in your life with the environment, but people mostly think about it as a set of rules to arrange furniture around your home. Some people take it seriously, others disregard it completely, but today we thought we’d show you how through Feng Shui you can determine whether the guy you’re dating is really serious about you or perhaps maybe he’s not that into you. Even if he knows nothing about Feng Shui, there are still very telling signs you can find about him just by taking a look at his bedroom.



1. Bed Against The Wall
If your boyfriend’s bed is smashed against the wall, and to get in you have to climb over him – it means your guy doesn’t really want a relationship, or at least not a good one. If you’re sleeping next to the wall, you’re sort of trapped with no way out unless you climb over him, if you’re sleeping on the side you’re kind of out on the limb. Either way, this shows he’s either controlling, or just has no interest in your comfort.

2. TV In the Bedroom
If there’s a TV in the bedroom – say goodbye to romance and intimacy. It’s only going to create noise and distract him. Not to mention that it’ll disturb your sleep if he watches it at night. There’s no way of creating a bedroom mood if there’s a TV on, so consider this when visiting your boyfriend and see if he’ll be willing to move the TV out of the bedroom. If he says no – he’s probably not the best choice for you.

3. Work In Bed
It’s also not a great sign if your boyfriend brings work into bed, think laptop, school or work papers. Even workaholics need a healthy divide between work and sleep. It’s an easy fix for most people once it’s brought to their attention. It’s always best to have at least an hour of chill time after work before you go to bed

4. No Nightstands
If there are no nightstands in the bedroom, it usually means that the person isn’t ready to settle down. They’re not planning to live there for a long time so they don’t get a nightstand, they’re ready to move whenever and are generally flighty. Again, buying a nightstand is easy, but if there’s only one that also speaks about selfishness and the person not caring about the other person in the bedroom.

5. Mattress On The Floor
Sure, this can be explained during college years, when people are all about parties and buying a bed frame is an extra expense they don’t really have money for. However if you’re dating an adult man and he still lives like a college frat boy – it’s cause for concern.

6. Bed On The Left
Ok, this might sounds very specific but stay with me. If the bed is placed with its headboard to the wall on the left to the entrance of the room – this means the person is happy to hang out and date around, but they aren’t really into the idea of a relationship.

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