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Love is such an overrated, lionized, and touchy subject. So much has been said about it, so many books, articles and poems written about it. And yet people continue to obsess about it, talk about it and spewing their opinions about it all over the place. It’s annoying and redundant, especially when people talk in cliches. Doesn’t it just make you want to scream? So let’s all agree to never use these 7 cliches when talking about love, ok?



1. You’ll Find Love When You’re Not Looking For It
What does this even mean? When I’m not looking for love I’m busy doing other things, like concentrating on work or bettering myself as a human being or smth. And while I’m doing that, I’m not open to meeting potential soul mates. People who say stuff like “you’ll find love when you’re not looking for it” clearly don’t know what effective time management is. There’s nothing wrong with setting aside time specifically for dating. Some of us would never find love if we didn’t make time for it.



2. All You Need Is Love
No, all you actually need is a roof above your head and a meal in your tummy. Everything else is kind of optional. Phrases like “all you need is love” is exactly the hippy dippy kind of crap that makes people delusional and makes them believe that once they find love all their other problems will magically go away.

3. Valentine’s Day Is The Most Important Day Ever
Let’s get this straight, Valentine’s Day is a joke. It’s a Hallmark holiday made up specifically to make you spend money on useless postcards and way too much chocolate. They’re tricking you out of your hard earned money. Feel free to ignore it forever. That’s all that needs to be said on this subject.

4. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Ok, in some cases this is true, but words are very important too. Way too many people go ahead and do nice things for others in hopes of getting noticed. And a lot of the time it gets them nowhere. There will always be a**holes who just take advantage of nice people. So save yourself the trouble and just tell people you like them if you do and see what happens.

5. When You Find The One, You’ll Know
Everyone says this, but how are you supposed to know? Just how? Some people date for years, think this person they’re with is the one, only to break up later. So were they the one? Or was it just a very long mistake? Why does there have to be “the one”? Why can’t there be “the ones” or “the 5” or smth. The idea that you’re supposed to find one person and stick with them in this day and age is just insane.

6. Guys Love When You Cook For Them
What is this, the 1950’s? Do they also love it when we just sit at home, have kids and look pretty 24/7? This is such an old fashioned cliche that it shouldn’t even be uttered out loud in 2017. There’s cafes, restaurants and takeout. No one cares if you can cook or not. And you know, some women like it when guys bring them flowers, buy them jewelry and fur coats, but no one judges guys if they don’t.

7. You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
If we’re talking about looks, true, some people might not have the face and body of a model, but they’re actually lovely, charismatic and very interesting people. But if the “cover” looks like a sexist, lazy, unkempt douchebag you can totally judge them all you want. There’s like literally no chance they will turn out to be a prince in shining armour with a heart of gold.

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