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7 Plant-Based Ingredients You Need In Your Skincare Routine 》

We love all things natural and organic for a reason. Not only do they taste great, providing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for our bodies, but they are also great to make face masks, scrubs, creams, and all kinds of beauty products. In the end it all comes down to ‘we are what we eat’. It is essential to make sure that you eat a decent amount of all those yummy superfoods that will take care of your skin from within. Here are 7 plant-based ingredients you need in your skincare routine.



Rose for protection
This beautiful flower has been used in all kinds of skincare rituals since the dawn of times. Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cooking has incorporated roses to create sweet drinks, teas, and mouth-watering desserts. Asian women have also used rose water in their beauty routines. Rose’s antioxidant and antiseptic properties are being vastly recognized, making it one of the most potent ingredients in modern-day beauty products. Drink rose water, rose-induced nut milk and eat rose chocolate to calm your skin, mind, and body.



Carrot for smoothing
Carrots are the #1 snack not only for those of you who think about calories, but also for ladies who want their skin to be smooth and protected from the harsh environment. Carrots are packed with beta-carotene, which our bodies convert into Vitamin A that shields our skin from the stresses of the outside world while keeping it smooth and glowing. Vitamin A is pretty hard to find in non-animal products, which makes carrot a real superfood. Drink carrot juice, mix it with ginger, and don’t forget about creamy carrot soups that taste simply delicious.


Cucumber for hydration
Everyone knows that cucumbers are awesome despite being mostly water. They are chock full of antioxidants and flavonoids that, combined together, help reduce redness and irritation. Using cucumbers on your skin is great, but eating them will also keep it moisturized better than any beauty product. Feel free to mix them with aloe for the most incredible effect. Make refreshing cucumber popsicles or eat them Asian-style with sesame and marinade.


Algae for detoxifying
You’ve probably heard about the magical benefits of spirulina. Well, apart from that sea-dwelling algae you should also pay your attention to chlorella. Both spirulina and chlorella are packed with antioxidants and fight skin ageing as well as inflammation (due to high levels of chlorophyll). Spirulina binds heavy metals that are so harmful for our skin and helps remove them from the body. This type of oceanic superfood is best digested as a food supplement.


Avocado for moisturizing
It’s all about those magical oils, healthy fats, and omega-3 fatty acids that make avocados truly irreplaceable when it comes to skincare routine – both inner and outer. They protect and strengthen the epidermis, making sure your skin stays vibrant and glowing, and they’re natural moisturizers due to vitamins, good fats, and minerals they contain. You can put avocados on your face, hair, scalp, and body, but you can also eat them to get some of that magic from inside.


Mint for soothing
Soothing all kinds of skin ailments is what mint does best. It calms your skin just as good as it calms your nerves. Its therapeutic properties will reduce the irritation from mosquito bites, heal acne and blemishes. Mint is naturally rich in salicylic acid and vitamins A, B, C which reduce oiliness, battle inflammation, and improve your skin all in all. Use mint leaves for DIY masks or drink it as amazing matcha-mint tea.


Amla for brightening
Amla is one of the oldest Asian remedies for just about anything. Also known as Indian gooseberry, amla has been used in Ayurveda for centuries to improve immunity and digestion. Amla is packed with polyphenols which slow down aging, as well as vitamins C and E that keep your skin bright and glowing. Amla is added to all kinds of beauty care products, but it also tastes amazing, so make sure you try the delicious amla juice.

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