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7 Reasons To Love Selena Gomez 》

Selena is beautiful,
talented, popular and you would be hard-pressed to find people who don’t know
who she is. Her fans adore her, and they have many reasons for that. This girl
works hard, she’s a musician, an actress, a businesswoman, but at the same
time, she stays down to earth and humble and it’s honestly she’s like a breath
of fresh air in this world of crazy celeb drama. Just watching one interview of
her’s will be enough for you to fall in love with this wonderful human being,
but just in case you need more persuasion – here are a couple of reasons to
love Selena Gomez.

1. She Truly Appreciates Her Fans

While many celebrities
who are as big and famous as Selena might take their fans for granted, Selena
really cares about hers and feels emotionally attached to them. They’re the
reason she keeps doing what she does. In one interview she was asked to watch a
video reaction of her fan and she burst into tears because she felt so touched
by the fact that her fan loved her so much and cared so much.

2. She’s A Loyal Friend

It seems like she’s been
best friends with Taylor Swift from the start and she stayed loyal to her
friend through thick and thin. Taylor has had quite a few scandals and feuds
with other celebs but when it comes to Selena Gomez – that bond is unshakable.
It’s great to see that even in the weird world of showbusiness Selena stays
real and takes friendship seriously.

3. She’s Down To Earth

Not only is she humble
in celebrity standards, but she’s also just a normal human being. She’s one of
us. She comes from humble beginnings and she never quite changed. She still
likes the same comfort foods we like and she eats in the same restaurants we
do. She loves Chilly’s, she loves McDonald’s and she loves Chick-fil-a. In
fact, she has revealed that it’s the fancy foods that were a struggle for her
and she had to learn to like them.

4. She’s A Classy Lady

She respects people and their opinions and she doesn’t make snap judgments. One time she was asked who was an up and coming artist that she likes and Selena said: “She doesn’t like me, but Lorde”. You see, Lorde thought one of Selena’s songs had some anti-feminist lyrics and she wasn’t shy about sharing that with the public. And while Selena could’ve been upset for being misinterpreted or misunderstood she chose to give her the benefit of the doubt and still support Lorde because she believed in her. Selena said “I’m going to support her whether she likes me or not because I think she’s doing great things. Someday, I will see her and we’ll be cool”

5. She’s A Unicef Ambassador

She has been a Unicef
ambassador since her Disney Channel days. She has been working with the
organization since she was 17 and she truly believes in what they do because
she gets to travel and see first hand the good things Unicef brings to the
world. So for 10 years now, she’s been trying her best to do as much for and
with Unicef as possible.

She Doesn’t Take Herself Too Seriously

While she has over
160million followers on Instagram, she’s not above posting silly selfies or
pictures of herself enjoying the simple pleasures of life – like eating a plate
of pasta. She’s never one to turn down a silly challenge in an interview and
always up for some fun.

7. She’s Not Afraid To Be Vulnerable

She opened up to her fans and the world really about her struggles. She has lupus which is an autoimmune disease, she has a stressful life and struggles with depression too. But she manages to share about this with her fans without asking for pity, keeping her dignity and just hoping for understanding when she needs some time to take care of herself. And her fans appreciate her honesty and love her even more for it.

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