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Dating can be fun, but these days dating a guy for a while doesn’t always mean you’re going to end up in a serious relationship. So you’ve been seeing him quite often, and you two have chemistry and it’s fun and easy, but does he want to be with you for real or is this just a casual thing? It’s tricky, but there are some signs that can help you determine whether he definitely wants to be with you.



1. He’s happy to be associated with you
You know he’s serious when he introduces you to his friends. Men who fail to introduce you to friends you randomly bump into on the street are usually emotionally unavailable and have no intention of being in a serious relationship. However, if your partner always makes sure people know you’re his girlfriend and is proud of it, you know he’s really into you.



2. He plans actual dates
Call me old fashioned but I miss the times when dating actually meant going on actual dates and not just hanging out. These days it’s all about casual hangouts, Netflix and chill. However, if your man starts planning actual dates, taking you to nice restaurants, art galleries, movies, or perhaps even ice-skating, you know he’s put thought into this, therefore he’s serious about you.

3. He’s a bit jealous
We’re not talking a raving lunatic crazy with jealousy who makes a scene every time you even look at another guy or interact with your male friends, no that would be a huge red flag. But a healthy amount of jealousy is normal and a good indication that your man wants to be exclusive with you.

4. He takes an interest in your hobbies.
If he tags along shopping with you, or suggests working out together, or hanging out with your friends, you know he’s taken a serious interests in you. He’s trying to spend time with you doing something you like.

5. He likes surprising you
Has your man surprised you with a little treat for no reason? Perhaps he got you your favorite chocolates, or some flowers, or maybe he made a playlist for you and it’s not your birthday or a holiday? You can be sure he definitely wants to be with you.

Ottawa hipster couple engagement
Ottawa hipster couple engagement

6. He shows you his emotional side
No matter how much they try to hide it, men are just as emotional as women. They just show it in different ways or, a lot of the times, they suppress their emotions because that’s what is socially expected of them. But if a guy opens up to you, and lets you see him when he’s vulnerable then you know he’s serious about your relationship.

7. He plans for the future
By “planning for the future” we don’t mean he’s looking for a house with a white picket fence. But planning a holiday in the future or inviting you over for Christmas suggests that he thinks you’ll still be together in the future. That’s a good sign, he’s definitely head over heels with you.

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