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7 Ways To Use Oats You’ve Never Tried Before 》

Oats are packed with so many goodies that you could probably survive on eating them alone and still be healthy and fit. While we wouldn’t recommend trying exactly that, oats can be beneficial to your body in more ways you can imagine. With fibre, antioxidants, minerals, and more vitamins than we can count, oats can become a powerful source of health and youthfulness – you just need to figure out how to use them right! Here are 8 ways to use oats you’ve never tried before.



Face mask
Oats go really well with honey and a few drops of coconut oil to create a rejuvenating mask for dried and tired skin. You won’t believe how soft it will become afterwards!



Weight loss
All nutritionists agree that oatmeal is a great food for any diet. It contains lots of fibre and protein, which means that if you eat oatmeal for breakfast you will feel satiated for a longer period of time. Stay away from quick oats as they contain processed sugar and make you own yummy oats with cinnamon, banana, and a few dashes of natural honey. It’s the most delicious breakfast in the world!

Oat heat pack
Did you know oats can help you with a sore back or neck? Make a DIY heat pack by taking a cloth bag and filling it with oats. Heat in the microwave at short intervals until it’s heated nicely. Put onto your hurting part of the body, sit, and relax. The pain will slowly go away!

Once you make your own granola you’ll never want to buy it from a store again. Besides, it’s pricey for no reason at all! It’s a great thing to eat for breakfast, add to your yoghurt or sprinkle over literally anything you want. Porridge is not the only way to eat oats!

Oat milk
Oat milk is a real gem for people who are looking to quit dairy, but aren’t too good with nuts. This milk can be easily made at home, can go into any of your favourite recipes, and packs your daily dose of calcium, as well as Vitamins B, C, D, and E. It’s low on calories and, well, seems kind of awesome for something that doesn’t come from a cow.

Odour absorber
You probably know that coffee can absorb all kinds of weird smells, but not many people realize oats can do that, too! If your fridge is giving you a funky smell, put some oats in a bowl and leave there for a night. It’ll disappear by the morning!

Savoury dinner
You know that oats are great for breakfast and you can garnish them with all kinds of delicious ingredients. But how about eating oats for dinner? Yep, oats don’t have to be sweet to taste good. You can eat them with spices, some fried veggies, and an egg on top. Or you can make an Asian version of oatmeal, pairing it with baked chickpeas, some turmeric, and a few dashes of Indian curry spice. Yum!

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