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7 Workouts That Will Have You Looking Like A Supermodel 》

We like to think that supermodels are just born naturally thin and fit, as if they don’t really have to work to maintain that shape. The truth is, they always watch what they eat and how much, they only go for healthy foods, and even if they cheat with some treats, the portions are always very small. Supermodels also workout regularly all the time. They generally try to do heavy workouts at least 3 times a week, or do 20 to 30 minutes cardio or light workouts every day. And the type of workouts they do might look easy, but once you try them you’ll realize that they’re targeting every muscle and doing multiple repetitions. In fact, why don’t you challenge yourself and try to do at least one of these workout every day.



1. Core Workout with VS Angel Doutzen Kroes
If you want your core to be strong, your abs to look incredible and overall improve your body shape – this workout specially made for VS models by supermodel trainer Michael Olajide is just the thing you need.



2. Butt Workout With Romee Strijd
Romee Strijd has been a VS model since 2015 and you can see why. This girl is in amazing shape and she works hard to keep it that way. This killer 15 minute butt workout will make your butt feel like it’s on fire but the results are definitely worth it.


3. Full Body Workout With Sanne Vloet
Sunne is also a VS model and she has a perfect full body workout for you that hits all the major muscles and keeps you in shape. And as a nice bonus – it’s only 20 minutes, so you now you can easily fit it into any day, no matter how busy you are.


4. Train Like An Angel With Alessandra Ambrosio
We’re pretty sure we don’t have to explain who Alessandra Ambrosio is, anyone who ever google VS Angels knows who she is and how freaking amazing she looks. Well now you have the chance to basically workout with her.


5. Boxing Workout With Adriana Lima
If you prefer Adriana Lima you can always follow her workouts. That woman is fit as hell and it seems like she never gets tired of working on her body. She’s basically fitness inspiration personified and this boxing workout will definitely get you a step closer to your goals.


6. Abs Like Alexis Ren
Alexis Ren is a model and internet celebrity and she was featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine so you know that girl is fit. This ab workout just proves it. You only really need 10 minutes every day dedicated to your abs to get to achieve your goals.


7. 5 Minute Model Arm Workout
Arm workouts can be a pain, because a lot of us have very weak arms. At the same time the majority of women aren’t exactly into the idea of lifting weights, because they don’t want huge muscles. If you want strong and toned arms – we’ve got just a workout for you. Just 5 minutes a day and you’ll have arms like a model.

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