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You just saw your crush and your heart stopped! What do you do? How to approach him or her? What should you say or not say? We are here to help you. Even a very shy person can win a heart of someone they like. These tips will help you to make those first steps to love…



1. Smile
It’s as simple as that. Just make sure that your crush looks at you when you look at them! If your smile is sincere and open you will definitely get one back. Your confidence will project through your smile and your crush will be open to talk to you. Don’t be afraid of looking like a fool (we all sometimes do!) there is no way that you can embarrass yourself or do anything wrong while smiling.

2. Be yourself
This will sound like a very obvious thing but as you are a bit worried and focused on doing everything perfect, you start to change your behavior or even forget your name. Relax, take a deep breath, be yourself. You never know, maybe your crush has been waiting for you all this time. Keep in mind your good qualities and stay away from cheesy pickup lines (unless you are the King of Pickup Lines ;))

3. Be patient
It might have been love at first sight but you liked your crush for sometime (and let’s admit, you are already married, have kids and enjoy your time together in your mind). For your crush, however, it’s a different story. She/he will probably have seen you, maybe even you met face to face at some meeting or in class but now you need to step up your game and go through all the stages. Set yourself small goals as they will lead to big results – start with just a smile, then a chit-chat and very soon you will be best friends and more…

4. Stay connected
Are you friends on Facebook or maybe Snapchat? Do you have her/his phone number? Have you got an email address? If you have why not connect through one of these channels, you can build your communication virtually and then continue in real life. This is the simplest way to find out more about your crush and in no time you will be chatting away over the cup of coffee.

5. Find your topic
You texted a couple of times, maybe you like the same music or you go to the same class, the smallest thing can be the start of your conversation. Make sure that you can talk on variety of topics and don’t forget about listening. When you get to know someone, ask questions about them and show genuine interest. Your crush will notice the interest and will pay attention to you in general!

6. Don’t lie
It’s always easier to make up something better or invent a new persona than talk about yourself. But as you will get closer the truth will come up and it will be a nasty surprise as you betrayed their trust. It is better to emphasize good things about yourself and make any flaws unimportant.

7. Be clear and honest
When you will start spending time with your crush, talking more and more, let them know that you like them, but don’t expect anything back at the same moment. Your crush might think you are cute but haven’t considered you in romantic way. Showing your interest and saying you like them will make him/her review your relationship.

8. Don’t be afraid
Stepping out of our own comfort zone is something that we all are scared to do. For some it seems to be easier but only because they’ve done it before and you will never know unless you try. If you will hold back and wait for your crush to make steps first it might take too long as you haven’t become part of their life yet. No one like rejections but these sometimes happen. It’s better to know and be ready to move on rather than get stuck in situation you don’t like.

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