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9 Adorable Couple Costumes for Halloween 》

It’s that time of year again, and you and bae need to find a good costume idea that is cute, but not totally corny. We compiled some of history’s most famous couples along with some tongue in cheek concepts if you’re going for more of the funny vibe. Will you go sexy or sassy this year?



1. Tarzan and Jane
With the recent Alexander Skarsgard hit and how many women were in love in it, you’ll have no trouble persuading your man to dress up in the chest baring get-up, spear and all, while you also get to show some skin in a matching animal print ensemble.



2. Oreo and Oreo White
Ok, how is this not the cutest costume ever? Guaranteed, you’re going to fight over who gets to be the side with the filling, but if he’s a gentleman, he’ll let you have it. When you guys embrace in the street, get ready to hear a lot of “aww”’s.

3. Snapchat Filters
Take your pick and mix and match with this fun option. Will you make him be the dog sticking its tongue out and be the beautiful flow crown queen, or will you have matching rainbow puke mouths and bugged-out eyes?

4. Danny and Sandy
We have cinema to thank for everyone’s favorite couple in Grease. Couples that love black will love this sleek and sexy look. Sandy with her loose curls, signature lip and tight, off the shoulder blouse while Danny throws on his black leather jacket complete with the perfect hair flip.



5. PB and Jelly
Sorry, guess we were hungry when we were coming up with this list. If you don’t have enough of sweet tooth to rock the Oreo costume, this is a square-shaped alternative that is just as adorable. Who gets to be the PB and who gets to be the J? We’re not sure which one is better…

6. Sonny and Cher
One of music’s most famous couples is always a sweet, fool-proof Halloween costume. You get to rock long, amazing Cher hair while you force your man to rock the mustache. At least you both get to wear matching his and hers fur coats with bellbottoms. He might not find that a plus yet, but he will once he tries them on.

7. Barbie and Ken
Always a classic, your Barbie theme options are endless. Malibu beach Barbie and Ken are our favorite. Will you be dolls on the run, or come with your own box? Any man who agrees to this costume already deserves an award.



8. Johnny Cash and June Carter
We love this Southern belle and her matching cowboy musician husband. All you need is a sweet dress with a flared bottom, a cardigan, a belt, and her hairdo. Ally Johnny needs is a cowboy hat and a guitar. If both of you can sing, bonus points.

9. The Incredibles
Definitely not as sexy as Wonder Woman or Superman, this is still an adorable superhero couple costume, and a more family friendly option. But hey, if you want to get raunchy with your superhero costumes, who are we to judge?

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