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So you think that the worlds of fashion and technology aren’t compatible? Well, what if I told you that nerds and fashionistas actually had something in common? Ranging from gorgeously lit dresses to awesome sneakers that have Google Maps built in, these garments and accessories are straight-up amazing, and you’ll want to waste all your money on them.



1. Silic: A shirt that cleans itself
This is a dream come true for every slob out there. No more random spilling beer on you at the bar – nope, with this shirt, any liquid just slides right off. It is super soft, with hydrophobic nanotechnology that prevents your shirt from getting stained by sweat and all other liquids.



2. Dresses That Move, designed by Ying Gao
These dresses move when they’re being looked at for a while, using eye-tracking technology. When the gazer has their eyes fixed, tiny motors move parts of it in patterns. Next time someone’s staring at your boobs, you can call them out without even saying anything, and look chic the whole time!

3. Mood Sweater
This dreamy hooded sweater is known as the Mood Sweater. It comprehends how you’re feeling, and conveys it to the room. Through readying your emotion, it creates a color light display that tells you how you’re feeling. Each circuit board is made in house, and each piece is custom-tailored to the individual.

4. Personal Early Breast Wellness Screening
The sports bra contains wearable, comfortable intelligent breast patches that detect tiny circadian temperature changes inside your breast cells, and then communicating with our Cyrcadia Health solution laboratory via a smart phone enabled device. A bra insert that can be worn in a bra and is connected to the internet, detecting earliest signs of breast cancer by looking at circadian. Sounds pretty revolutionary and life-changing. Screen breast cancer from your own home and look cute.



5. Ladies RFID Wallets
These chic wallets look like they could be designer – instead they’re a high-tech form of security
Its RFID blocking and protects you from electronic pickpocketing. And they can even hold and protect your passports.

6. LEAF: The World’s Smartest Piece of Jewelry
The self-dubbed “world’s smartest piece of jewelry” is pretty damn stylish as well. The lovely leaf-design pendant can be hung from a chain and worn as a necklace. Oh, and you can also track your health: monitor your sleep, log your menstrual cycle, and track your activity. In case you’re stressed, there are custom designed breathing exercises to help balance your physical and emotional health.

7. JUNE bracelet
June is a pretty lil’ ring available in colors platinum, gold, and gunmetal that represents the future of sun and UV protection. Great for vacations – it pretty much alerts you to alert the wearer of UV danger by letting you actually see how much actual sun they’re really absorbing. Learn how to protect your skin and start the anti-aging process ASAP.



8. Synapse Smart Dress, designed by Anouk Wipprecht
This glorious 3D printed dress is powered by Intel’s Edison chip, and measures all sorts of things with biosensors and reacts in different ways. A proximity sensor sets off a bright range of 120W LEDs if someone gets too close to you, and a cam on the front of the dress can snap pics of objects and people that affect your mood, with a matching headpiece tracking attention levels.

9. The World’s First Haptic Footwear
This is the world’s first haptic footwear – it started out of an impulse to use technology in order to help the visually-impaired navigate their worlds better. Now, it acts as a navigation map. Instead of looking down at apps on your phone, these google map-integrated, Bluetooth-enable shoed look like chic running sneakers, and they buzz to let you know which direction you should turn.
A must-have for the directionally challenged.

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