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9 Good Reasons To Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle 》

We all know we should probably eat better, move around more, do some proper exercises a couple of times a week, not stress over silly things, spend less time sitting in front of our TV/laptop and sleep more, but few of us do it. Well, here’s our attempt of reasoning with you. Knowing that we ‘should’ do something is rarely a good enough reason, so we came up with 10 real reasons that might convince you to start living a healthy lifestyle.



1. You won’t get sick as often
If you find yourself catching a cold very often or generally have problems with your health quite a lot – eating better might benefit you in a very real way. See, the thing is, when you eat a varied and balanced diet you get more antioxidants and therefore make your immune system stronger. This way it’ll be able to fend off more infections and sicknesses and you won’t get sick as often.



2. Prevent the 20th century problems
Most 20th century diseases come from an unhealthy lifestyle. Think diabetes, high-blood pressure, cancer – all these to an extend are caused by having a bad diet, overeating, not exercising enough and having bad habits like smoking and drinking. Paying attention to these things and getting rid of bad habits can do a lot to prevent such diseases.

3. Weight loss as a side effect
Once you start paying attention to what you eat, start cooking at home, controlling portions, choosing healthy options when you’re out and about – you’ll find that the extra weight falls off very quickly. Once you add some form of exercise it’ll only quicken the process. So you know, it’s a win-win situation for all.

4.Increased energy levels
Contrary to popular belief working out a couple of times a week won’t make you feel tired all the time. That only happens when you overwork yourself and train multiple hours a day, every day, and don’t eat enough. In fact, if you eat healthy and workout about 3 times a week your cardiovascular system will become stronger, work better and more efficiently and your energy levels will only increase.



5. You will sleep better
Your body is like a machine, if you fuel it with good food, and use up the energy with some much needed activities it’ll run smoothly and you won’t have any problems falling asleep. You’ll forget all about feeling restless in bed and you’ll no longer have to spend hours trying to fall asleep. In fact, you’ll fall asleep within minutes of your head hitting the pillow.

6. Decreased stress levels
If you’ve got a stressful job, or you’re just going through a stressful time in your personal life – exercise might be the right answer for you. You see, when you work out endorphins get released, and they generally have a great effect on your body and your mental state. They make you feel calmed and happier.

7. You Become Stronger
When you exercise regularly, not only do you become stronger in terms of being able to lift heavy things thanks to your increased muscle mass, but your heart becomes stronger, your cardiovascular system works better, your core becomes stronger. All of this helps you feel stronger, but having a strong core means you’re in better control of your body and therefore are less prone to injuries.



8. Confidence boost
We’ve already mentioned that when you lead a healthy lifestyle, you get lovely bonuses like weight loss, better body proportions, lovely muscles, your skin clears up, your hair and nails look better, and you generally feel better. All these things together do wonders to your self-esteem and confidence.

9. You become a source of inspiration and admiration
The healthier you become, the more fit you feel and look – the more people will be inspired by you. First your friends and family will admire your effort, then they will be inspired by your results. Which, in turn will keep you motivated and will make them want to follow in your footsteps, which, again, is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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