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9 Interesting Chocolate Recipes That You’ve Never Seen Before 》

You’d have to be crazy not to love chocolate, right? But we bet you’ve never appreciated chocolate in these ways before. Here are some highly unusual chocolate based recipes that will either make your mouth water, or freak you out. Which will you be bold enough to try out?



Chocolate Pasta
Everyone loves a good plate of spaghetti with luscious tomato sauce, but would you try pasta made with cocoa? Yes, chocolate pasta is legitimate (and it’s not just chocolate shaped to look like noodles). We’d try it!



Milk Chocolate Soup with Cake Croutons
Ok, this is just melted milk chocolate with croutons made out of cake. The same way a kid calls melted ice cream “ice cream soup”, but we’re still suckers for it. A DIY version is easily achievable if you just microwave a few chocolate bars and have stale cake on hand.

Chocolate Hummus
Don’t worry, this isn’t some monstrosity that mixes chickpeas and chocolate. It’s simply a chocolate dip that you can use for anything from pita chips to fruit. And it’s even vegan! We have a feeling this will be a hit at parties.

Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Peppers
For the daring folks and risk-takers out there, chocolate covered jalapeño peppers are somehow a thing. Will the chocolate off-set the insane spiciness of eating a full jalapeño? Will it taste like that Mexican chili chocolate? So many questions regarding this.



Chocolate Covered Squid
And even more regarding this! If you hate your family or are trying to break up with someone, this recipe is a good guarantee. Upon first glance it looks like cute chocolates shaped like little squids, but nope, it’s literally squids with a chocolate casing. Seafood and chocolate sound suspicious, but maybe.

Slow Cooker Chuck Wagon Chili
Nothing like a hot bowl of slow-cooked chili to warm you up from the inside out this winter. Add a healthy dose of chocolate to that and you have this chili. Well, if meat can have a coffee rub, guess this integration isn’t so unusual.

Avocado Chocolate Truffles
These just look like normal, delicious truffles, but there’s actually avocado hiding in there. Yes, you can get your daily dose of healthy fats and still eat dark chocolate truffles like a queen. An amazing gift idea that’s under 100 calories a pop.



Flourless Chocolate Torte
This decadent chocolate torte is something you would find at a French bakery – and if you’re gluten-free, you can also consume! This flourless masterpiece omits the wheat, and the lack of flour makes it even richer.

Salmon with White Chocolate Sauce
They’re calling this “European Fusion” but we raise an eyebrow at this. What’s the fusion? Gross food combinations? These guys decided to ruin a perfectly good salmon filet with a white-chocolate infused sauce, once again marrying seafood and chocolate. It must be legit if more than one person is bold enough to write about this.

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