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It’s pretty clear that most would agree, sleeping with another person while you’re in a relationship constitutes cheating. But there are also some serious nuances to the idea of cheating, like emotional or digital infidelity that can cause rifts, envy, and disagreements. What do you consider cheating?



1. Checking out other girls. Some people are more lenient about this rules, but others find it a sin. Did he just look at the waitress’s chest? Or make weirdly long eye contact with the Starbucks barista. We can see why this would cause some jealousy.



2. Having female friends or making friends with female colleagues. While some guys naturally have female friends or some girls naturally have guy friends, it might be a platonic situation, but you don’t know when a boundary could possibly be crossed, always wracking your brain with that frustrating “what if?”

3. Talking to your ex or remaining friends with them. There’s nothing wrong with ending on bad terms, or not pretending that your exes died. But being too buddy-buddy or regularly getting dinner together without a current significant other is kind of an eyebrow raiser.

4. Texting too much with female friends or having whatever the girl deems as “too much contact”. The texting might be totally platonic, but why isn’t he texting you that much? What’s so important about this girl and their relationship that they’re texting all the time.



5. Liking Instagram pictures or other images on social media. Is that an innocent flirtation, a platonic like, or a boundary crossed? Some women think that this isn’t ok at all, especially if it’s a suggestive photo.

6. Forgetting to wear a wedding ring. Some individuals can get really upset about this, wondering if it was an honest mistake, or a conscious decision made with feigned forgetfulness.

7. Being active/having a dating app such as Tinder. Some might argue that that’s the line itself – if you have an app that’s been dormant or deactivated for months, or if you’re swiping away. That can be considered a betrayal in itself since it’s basically looking for another partner or other options.



8. A drunk mistake. Did a kiss happen when he was blackout? And does that mean that it can be forgiven? Just because someone was inebriated doesn’t mean they can’t be held accountable for their actions regardless.

9. Dancing with someone. Well, that definitely depends on the type of dancing. If they’re square dancing probably not anything to worry abut, but dancing can get pretty intimate. We can see this one as a fight waiting to happen.

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