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Best 10 Morning Exercises To Do Before Work 》

Waking up in the morning can be a struggle, especially when the seasons are changing and it’s getting colder outside. We don’t really want to face the day when all we have to look forward to is cold wind and rain. Staying in bed under a warm blanket seems to be a much more pleasant choice. However, few of us can actually afford to just stay in bed all day. So we came up with a list of best morning exercises you can do before work. These will wake you up more effectively than a cup of coffee and set you up for a good day ahead.



1. Stomach Vacuum
Stomach vacuum is a great exercise to do right when you wake up, before you had any food or water. You can even do it in bed. It targets deep core muscles and does wonders to strengthen your abs. All you have to do is breathe out all air out of your system and then suck in your stomach as much as you can. Picture trying to touch your navel to your spine. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax and inhale. Repeat at least 3 times, and you’ll see with each day you’ll be able to hold it for longer and your core will become stronger your stomach flatter.



2. Morning Stretches
Before you even start any proper exercises it’s important to stretch all your body parts after you’ve been asleep for hours and barely moved. Take the time to stretch your back, neck, arms and legs. Plus, it’s a good excuse to stay in bed for 5 extra minutes.


3. Jumping Jacks
A surefire way to wake up your whole body is to do some jumping jacks. We’d recommend around 100 jumping jacks, but if you’re just starting out 10 will be enough to wake you up and get your body moving.



4. Walk Out Plank
It’s better than a stationary plank because not only does it target your core, but you also get to use your arms to balance yourself as you get in and out of the plank position. Do this for about a minute or just 10 reps and you’ll feel your whole body working.


5. Superman
Superman is a great exercise to do in the morning, to stretch out and strengthen your back. It’s especially useful to those who have office jobs or spend most of the day sitting down. Make “superman” part of your daily morning routine, your back will thank you. 10 reps should suffice.



6. Mountain Climbers
Mountain climbers are also one of those full body exercises that make every muscle in your body move, so it’s a great way to start your day. Do 30 seconds of mountain climbers every morning to wake up your sleepy body, we suggest you do it while you listen to some cheerful music too.


7. Squats
Your legs and your butt need exercise too. So do yourself a favor and do at least 10 squats in the morning. It’s not enough to make you all sweaty, but just enough to get your blood pumping.


8. Pushups
Don’t be worried if you can’t do proper push ups yet. Just start with 10 pushups every morning. You can do them from your knees, or even do wall pushups. The idea is that you do them every day, strengthen your arms and one day you’ll be able to do real ones.



9. Lunges
You guessed it, just do 10 lunges every morning. But 10 lunges for each leg. If you want to make it more fun, just move around the flat by doing lunges instead of morning steps. You can easily even do this while you’re making breakfast or brushing your teeth.


10. Arm Circles
Extend your arms to the sides and do 10 arm circles in one direction, then 10 arm circles in the opposite direction. That’s it, now you’re done with your easy morning workout and can be proud of yourself for starting your day right.

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