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Best Workout According To Your Zodiac Sign 》

Some people find the idea of exercise appalling, others love it. Most think that’s it, you’re either one or the other. But there’s actually a third group of people. Those who wouldn’t mind exercising, they actually find the whole idea to be appealing, it’s just that they never really stick to it for too long and we think there’s a reason for that.
Are you one of those people who likes the idea of working out, but never actually does? Have you considered that maybe you’re picking the wrong kinds of workouts? It’s a fact of life that your personality traits influence the kinds of things you’re going to be interested. And some say that your Zodiac sign predetermines your personality traits. So technically, it’s possible to find a perfect workout for you based on your Zodiac sign. We can’t guarantee that this will work for everyone, but we urge you to give it a try and let us know what you think.



1. Aries
Aries are generally quite adventurous and love competition. So unless you’re into the idea of competing with yourself it’s best to choose a group sport or a group workout at the gym. But don’t go for yoga or a regular cycling class. Instead, opt for something with a real element of competition to it, like Flywheel, a cycling class that actually counts how many miles you cycled and shows results on huge screen. Your competitive nature will have you wanting to be on the leaderboard, so you’ll want to come back again and again.



2. Taurus
Whatever workout you choose, try to do it outside. Those born under the sign of Taurus are generally quite calm and grounded and they have a special connection with nature. So even if you do yoga, do it outside and you’ll enjoy it more. However if you want something more challenging opt for some sort of outdoor boot camp, in the fresh air, you’ll be surprised how much more enjoyable pushups and burpees can be when you’re surrounded by nature.

3. Gemini
Geminis are intellectuals, they live in their head a lot, so when choosing a workout you need to find something that will stimulate not only your body but also your brain. Pilates is a great choice for those who often find their mind wandering when they go for a run, or visit a cycling class. You see, Pilates requires you to concentrate on breathing and the movements are constantly changing so you need to stay focused on what you’re doing, which means your brain won’t have time to wander.



4. Cancer
Cancers love the water, so doing some sort of water-sports is their best bet. Just swimming laps in the pool might be enough for you, or you might enjoy some water aerobics. If you don’t have time to get wet, or there’s no pool next to where you live a class that simulates water-sports is another great option for you. Try yoga, for flowing motions and a full body workout, or find a surfing simulation class – they’re fun and at the end of it you’ll have the basics of surfing under your belt.

5. Leo
Leos are very expressive and entertaining, they love being the center of attention and the heart of the party. A great way to incorporate that into a workout is to sign up for Zumba. It’s fun, there’s music blasting, you’re sort of dancing and at the same time working out all the muscles in your body. But if Zumba isn’t quite your style just sign up for a proper dance class. They’re always fun and you get to keep the moves and show them off at your next party.



6. Virgo
Virgos are often methodical, efficient and detail oriented. They focus on making sure everything’s perfect. Joining a regular workout class won’t do them any good, because they’ll spend the whole time spotting other people’s mistakes and wanting to fix them. However, if they try aerial yoga or exercises on unstable surfaces, they’ll have to focus their attention on keeping their balance, which will result in them really focusing on themselves and also will greatly benefit their core muscles.

7. Libra
Libras generally hate conflicts, they’re peaceful and love balance, so joining a boxing class isn’t really a great idea for them. It’s way too aggressive. Libras need something more chill, balanced and graceful – like barre. Barre is a great ballet based workout class that will work all of your muscles with small, graceful movements that might look pretty and easy, but will leave you exhausted by the end of the workout.



8. Scorpio
Scorpios are passionate and intense, which should be taken into consideration when choosing a workout. You need something that will be challenging, but make you feel empowered at the end of the day. Try water-sports, swimming laps or deep water running. Water provides resistance, which will make your muscles work with double the effort, but you won’t feel it until you get out of the pool. At the end of such workouts you’ll feel drained but victorious.

9. Sagittarius
If there’s a guy or a girl in your gym that excels at whatever they do – they’re probably a Sagittarius. They’re natural athletes and love working out. They love classes that combine a couple of different workouts in one. Think fusion classes that will have elements of martial arts, cardio, strength and yoga. You can either just mix and match workouts throughout the week or just find a good fusion class.



10. Capricorn
Capricorns are strategists, if they’re going to dive into a workout routine – they’re in it for the long haul. They don’t expect immediate results, they’re disciplined and patient. They like workout routines that require determination and endurance. Capricorns excel at all sorts of races and marathons. But if you already tried that – go for an obstacle course. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is and how it keeps your body guessing.

11. Aquarius
Aquarians are team players. They love doing something in a group and feeling like they’re a part of something great. So try team sports like basketball or volleyball, or a group fitness class like cycling or interval training. And a great way to motivate an Aquarius is to add a great cause to what they’re doing, like a fundraiser of some sort.



12. Pisces
Pisces are a water sign, so they really do feel like a fish out of water if they’re forced to work out on land for too long. Water sports are great, swimming, aqua aerobics – all these are great choices for Pisces. But we think the best one is aqua-cycling. We bet you haven’t heard of it before, but once you try it you’ll be hooked in no time.

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