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Didn’t Get To Travel at Christmas time? – These 5 Amazing Tours Will Blow Your Mind! 》

Did you dream of spending Christmas abroad, but couldn’t because your family insisted you spend it with them? You’re not alone. A lot of people got caught up during the holidays and missed out on some sweet holiday getaways. But don’t despair, we managed to find 5 amazing tour offers that will blow your mind. Now that the holiday season is over you have no excuse not to go. You’ve satisfied your family’s wishes, saw all your aunties and uncles, spent time with your parents, played with little cousins – now it’s time to do something for yourself. So how about a sweet trip?



1. Sorrento, Italy
If you want to experience the beauty of Italian shorelines firsthand, you have to click the link above. This tour gives you an opportunity to see and capture the gorgeous nature and spectacular views of the Italian coastline. You will also get to experience the Italian culture as you visit three famous Italian villages of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, where you’ll have a chance to admire the classic Italian architecture, see the famous Villa Rufolo with its mesmerizing cascading gardens, and of course – try the delicious authentic Italian cuisine.



2. New Orleans, USA
New Orleans is a gorgeous and historical city in Louisiana, USA. It prides itself on its distinct style of architecture, welcoming and friendly people and yummy cuisine. It also suffered badly from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and if you want to learn more about that, hear about the damage that’s been done from guides who lived through it, and of course, see how the city has been rebuilt and is flourishing now – you should definitely go on a Hurricane Katrina tour of New Orleans.



3. Merida Market, Mexico
Do you love Mexican food? Of course you do, who doesn’t? It’s the best. So how about getting a tour of the Merida, a visit to their famous market where you can buy a bunch of delicious Mexican foods, followed by a cooking masterclass of authentic Mexican cuisine. You’ll get a chance to see the sights, eat the foods and also learn how to recreate them when you get home. All those who want to go on a Mexican culinary half-day tour form an orderly queue.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires – the city of beautiful people, vibrant colors, and passionate dancers. This tour will take you through the most popular and the most historical neighborhoods of Buenos Aires including Palermo, Recoleta and San Telmo. You will see the famous Plaza de la República, Casa Rosada and Teatro Colón. And that’s not all of it. In the evening you get to enjoy your dinner while watching the most incredible tango performances.



5. Dubai, UAE
Dubai is one of the most expensive and the most memorable cities in the world. It intricately combines new futuristic and sky-high architecture, man-made islands with the world’s only 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab and old historical sights. So if you want to see it all and experience it all, with a complimentary dinner, an entertainment show and a sunset cruise through Dubai Canal – we strongly suggest you book yourself a place on this remarkable Dubai City Tour.

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