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Disney Princesses From Animation To Movies 》

Disney princesses have
been a huge part of our life for many of us. They kind of shaped our ideas of
beauty and grace and what makes you a princess. As kids, a lot of us dreamed of
becoming one. And now that we’ve grown up we know that a lot of those standards
are unattainable and a lot of them we’ve rejected as the times have changed.
But if we’re being honest, we all still have that one Disney Princess that we
relate to the most. But what’s nice is that Disney Princesses keep evolving
with us, and now we have not only animated versions of them, but real women
playing Disney Princesses in films. Let’s take a look at how some of our
favorite Disney Princesses changed and transformed from the animated cartoons
to movies.


We didn’t think it was
possible but Cinderella played by Lily James looks even more stunning than the
classic animated version. That dress is absolutely glorious and the decorations
in the movie are so detailed and beautiful it takes our breath away every time.
A fairy-take come to life – that’s what this movie feels like.


It’s actually kind of
brilliant that instead of going to the classic route and making a Sleeping
Beauty movie we have Maleficent instead. We get to explore this story from a
different perspective and we still get a good look at Aurora in the film. Dare
we say she looks even prettier when played by Elle Fanning?


Who else would’ve fit
the smart and caring role of Belle from Beauty and the Beast better than Emma
Watson? We love that they’ve added a bit of a twist and made her an inventor in
this movie. We love that Emma chose not to wear a corset to make it more
realistic. We love that we kind of get to have Hermione and Belle all at once.


Aladdin is fun but we
loved how spunky and daring and adventurous Jasmine was in the Disney original.
We also absolutely adore that they chose to make her even more interesting in
the Guy Richie live-action remake. And Naomi Scott did such a great job that we
honestly can’t imagine anyone else playing Jasmine but her.


The new Mulan remake,
the epic action drama film directed by Niki Caro, is coming out this year and
we can hardly wait for it. We’ve all drooled over the released pictures and
posters. The trailer looks so good it made some of us weep. It’s hard to
imagine anything topping the animated cartoon, but there’s a very high chance
this movie will be just as good if not better.


The Little Mermaid film is still king of shrouded in mystery. We know the actors involved but so far there hasn’t been any official posters of trailers released. Yet we’ve already seen a lot of talk about the choice of the actress who’s going to play Ariel. We think it’s gonna be amazing. But will it be better than the original? Only time will tell.

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