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Extend the Outdoor Living Season Into Autumn In 8 Easy Steps 》

Autumn is upon us and while some of us are hella excited for all the colorful leaves, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween and Thanksgiving – others only see this seasons as a time when the weather gets colder, the days get shorter, everything around is dying and there’s nothing to do but sit at home, read a book or binge watch shows on Netflix. And while there’s nothing wrong with reading or binge watching shows (we know quite a few are coming out with new seasons this fall) there are other things you can do in the autumn. You can go outside and enjoy this golden season and if you need some ideas we’ve got them for you right here.



1. Get yourself a good cup of coffee, perhaps even a pastry or two (it’s colder outside, so you can totally justify those delicious treats) and go take pretty pictures of all the gorgeous leaves. Everyone on Instagram will love it. In fact, you can get your friends together and do a fun autumn photoshoot. And if you’re still set on being gloomy, do a moody photoshoot, those still earn hella likes on social media.



2. Have a warm drink of your choice and just go for a walk. Enjoy the view, enjoy the buzz if the drink you chose is of the alcohol variety. It’s the season of warm cider and mulled wine. Take advantage of that. It’ll keep you warm while you enjoy the crisp fall air and enjoy the crunch of leave beneath your feet.

3. Plan out great outfits. Autumn is the season of layering. You can be cosy and warm yet look adorable and cute at the same time. Get out all your great sweaters and cardigans, your colorful scarves and little hats. Once you dress up all nice you’ll want to go out, trust me.

4. Go camping. Yes, most people go camping in the summer, but that’s overrated. It’s too hot and you’re sweating your pants off before you even get to your destination. Camping in the fall is much better. The air is crisp and cool, the views are much more colorful and rich and the physical effort of climbing a mountain or going up a hill will keep you pleasantly warm instead of hella sweaty.



5. You can also just rent a cabin in the woods for a weekend. It’s a great way to get out of the city, feel closer to nature, but still feel comfortable and not have to worry about bugs and creepy things wandering in the dark. You’ll find that the air will be fresher, you’ll sleep better, and a morning cup of coffee tastes way better on the terrace than on a city street.

6. Build a fire with your friends. You can do it in the woods, on a camping trip or even in the backyard. It’ll instantly get you in the autumn spirit. Toast some marshmallows to enjoy with your cocoa or, you know what, you could even have a full blown barbecue if you wish.

7. Go to a pumpkin patch and get yourself a bunch of pumpkins to decorate your home. I mean, isn’t it a law at this point? Everyone must have at least one (but the more the better) pumpkin in their house to signify that they know it’s fall. You might even take some fun pictures while you’re at it.

8. If you live in a house, make sure to install some cosy lights on your deck. It gets dark faster in the autumn, and no one wants to sit in the dark. But if you have some warm inviting lights on your deck and a comfy chair or couch, some warm blankets – you might just want to spend some evenings outside, listening to music, or chilling with your friends.

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