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We often see some totally crazy and freaky looks from fashion shows, not always finding them attractive, and think that this is the limit. But sure enough we run into something even more unusual! Yes, fashion has no limits and it’s a real pleasure to find beautiful, nearly genius items or styles you wouldn’t have imagined existed.

Shoes are a very difficult wardrobe part to design. If you’re striving to design a masterpiece, not just some weird stuff. You must pay close attention to the ‘engineering’ element in constructing a quality pair of shoes. The designer of these shoes is also a painter and photographer and a total genius. His name is Nick Adleman and he decided to express his true love for Art History, creating an unbelievable historical journey through 12 original looking pairs of high fashion heels.

The artist chose to showcase the diversity between cultural eras, presenting 10 historical snapshots viewed from the cultural aspect. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Each shoe takes you for a walk through the cultural part of the history. Let’s just agree, that it’s a bit more interesting than exploring art the way people usually do.

As Nick tried to distinguish the most beautiful elements from each era and illustrate them in his shoe designs (and totally nailed it, by the way!); most of us will probably become interested in the cultural aspects of art a lot more.

The artist explains each work as a complex of cultural art and ensures that every shoe saves the design qualities, color palettes, and designs only found in the certain culture. We can only imagine what a challenge this project could be.

Enjoy more incredible illustrations, where a culture’s art meets high fashion. And we will only hope that some day an artist will bring those fabulous designs into life.
And which historical eras are you familiar with? Check out all the designs and choose your favorite one and then check out more arts on the artist’s website


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