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Like Mother – Like Daughters 》

You know the saying “like mother, like daughter”, but this UK-based mother took it to a whole new level. Dominique chose to leave her job and become a stay at home mother to care for her two daughters Amelia and Penny a couple of years ago. Being a stay at home mum and working from home can be a bit lonely at times so Dominique took up Instagram as a way to alleviate her loneliness and give her a creative outlet. One day she accidentally dressed her daughters in stripy tops and then realized she was also wearing one, so they all looked nearly identical. They had a good laugh about it and decided to share this funny story on Instagram. The rest is history. Now Dominique posts pictures of herself and her daughters dressed the same on a regular basis and people love following their wacky adventures on Instagram.


While Amelia seems to be mimicking her mum in most photos, Penny seems to take some creative liberties and pull goofy faces at the camera. That, doubled with Dominique’s interesting captions makes this one of our favorite accounts to follow. Take a look!



1. Don’t they look like the coolest girl band in town?



2. Up in the clouds is the best place to dream big.



3. A picture can say a thousand words. Monday morning dread is already kicking in #allthatisthree

4. Can’t get into the Christmas spirit? Wrap yourself in fairy lights and try again.



5. Mary Poppins vibes, anyone? Penny sure has got the right face for this photo.

6. Inspired by Penny’s newfound love for The Beatles and Penny Lane (or Penny Jane in this house).



7. If only Game Of Thrones were this cute.



8. There were three in the bed and the little one said…. ‘is it croissant time yet?’

9. Matching twirly dresses, what else do you really need to be happy?



10. Be cool everyone, we’ll look so pretty, like woodland princesses. Then again, who said woodland princesses can’t be goofy?

11. Celebrating one year of #allthatisthree



12. Have you ever seen a more adorable Star Wars tribute?



13. Who’s the real model here?

14. If you take away one thing from this picture – it’s that sunscreen is important.



15. Wearing rollers and pampering yourself is always a good idea. And look how fun it can be!

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