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1 Belle

I believe that everyone needs a role model. Be it a real person or a fictional character, we all have our favourites. For some they’re comic book heroes, for others they’re characters from books or movies, for some they’re disney princesses. I think every woman should have a strong female role model. For me, growing up, it was Pippi Longstocking. She was funny, strong and independant. Everything I wanted to be. But Pippy isn’t really for everyone, she was never as popular as Disney characters. That’s why today we’ll concentrate on Disney Princesses. Don’t lie, ladies, we all had a favourite Disney Princess growing up. We used to play dress up all the time. Unfortunately, you can’t really wear Disney Princess gowns or shirts with Cinderella or Snow White every day once you grow up. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t pay homage to your childhood heroes in other ways. Here’s a few outfit ideas that will work for any day. They’re just subtle enough to pass as a regular outfit, but in your heart, and for those who know, they will be a cool reference to your favorite Disney Princesses.


1 BelleIf you want to look like Belle – yellow is the color to go. Remember that beautiful yellow dress she wore? Well, it’s not very 2016 is it? Unless you’re going to the ball, that huge yellow gown is going to look a bit ridiculous. For every day, you can adopt her style by wearing a yellow jumper and pairing it with some dark jeans or a skirt. Cosy and bright is the best combination, don’t you think? But don’t wear everything yellow at the same time, that might be too much.

2 ArielYou might think that the only way to look like Ariel is to wear a seashell bra and a mermaid tail, but trust me, there’s other options. We can draw inspiration from the colors. Ariel has a green tail and a purple or lilac seashell bra, so why not just transform that into a purple top and a pair green skinny jeans. You can also try switching the colors and trying a combination of a dark green dress and some purple shoes. Throw on a purple cardigan if it’s cold outside.

3 MeridaMerida is an adventurous girl. She’s got not time for high-heels, they would get in the way of her running around time, so a pair of converse is just perfect for her. You can’t really carry around a bow and arrows with you, so just a nice little backpack will do the trick, plus, since it’s on your back, it won’t get in the way. Merida like’s comfy clothes, so a flannel shirt and a pair of comfy jeans is right up her alley. Make it a pair of ripped jeans, She’s bound to rip her clothes on her adventures. If she has to wear a skirt or a dress, judging by her heritage – tartan is the way to go.

4 PocahontasPocahontas is effortlessly stylish. Tan and nude colors are key here. Some tassels won’t hurt either. Since all the clothes are kind of neutral, it’s a good idea to accessorize. Choose gold necklaces and earrings. If you can find a gold and turquoise necklace, or any turquoise accessories in general, those will work very well with a tan outfit.

5.Rapunzel5 RapunzelRapunzel is such a free spirit, it’s a shame she was locked in that tower for so long. Now, I understand that the first thing we think about when we hear “Rapunzel” is long blonde hair, but not all of us are blessed with such luscious locks, so instead we’ll concentrate on our outfit. We can’t really bring a chameleon around with us all the time, so a t-shirt with one, will be a nice reference to Rapunzel. Her main colors are pink and lilac, so feel free to find a lovely pink dress. I thought this skater dress with little devil emojis was very Rapunzel, since she’s a little daredevil herself.

6.Snow White6 Snow WhiteSnow White loves animals so any kind of cute shirt or top with animals is a great way to reference that. Woodland animals would work best, but I found this awesome t-shirt with French bulldogs and thought this will work fine. After all, we’re going for a modern look here. Snow White’s main colors are blue and yellow. So try choosing blue tops and yellow skirts or jeans. It’s a great color combination that will look bright and beautiful on anyone.

7.Cinderella7 CinderellaWith Cinderella you have two looks to choose from. You can either channel her pre-transformation look and go for a grungy aesthetic or go for the fancy look. I think pinafore dresses are a great way to imitate that apron she wore. For the fancy look choose a nice blue dress. For either outfit sparkly shoes are a great way to channel those crystal slippers.

8.Jasmine8 JasmineJasmine is a rich girl. She’s used to luxury, yet she loves adventure. I chose 2 kinds of outfits for her, both in blue shades, since that’s her main color. The first one is a comfy yet stylish combination of baby blue skinny jeans and a dark blue jumper. If it’s hot outside a white t-shirt with monkey emojis (referencing Abu here, get it?) will work even better. The second outfit is more appropriate for a night out in the city or a work event. Accessorizing with gold rings or earrings is also a good idea, since Jasmine is a fancy girl, some golden bling will only add to her image.

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