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Searching For a Reason To Be Impressed Today? This Teen’s 3D Latte Art Should Do the Trick! 》

Quick: think back to when you were a teenager. What was your proudest achievement at that stage in your life? Mastering the art of sleeping until noon? Learning how to make hard-boiled eggs? While we at Her Beauty fully believe that all of our readers are living amazing lives, you still can’t hold a candle to Daphne Tan! Known as @periperipeng on Instagram, this 17 year-old from Singapore has some serious milk-frothing skills that can turn a simple latte into a true work of 3D art, featuring animals and cartoon characters that pop right out of the mug!


Back in December 2016 our newest best friend had attended a workshop on the appreciation of gourmet coffee and was intrigued by the process of foaming the milk that tops cappuccinos and lattes. Her thirst for knowledge (and coffee, probably) had to be quenched! After doing a bit of online research, Daphne stumbled upon articles about 3D latte art and was bitten by the inspiration bug. With the help of a milk frother, a couple of spoons, some food coloring, a bamboo skewer and her endless supply of talent, in around 10-20 minutes she is able to whip up all sorts of crazy latte magic! In recognition of her talents, Daphne’s work was even featured at the 2017 Singapore Coffee Festival. Think you have what it takes to follow in her footsteps? Check this out:



1. If you love coffee and the Super Mario Bros. franchise, then this is the drink for you!



2. A rabbit eating a carrot with a fork and knife? How proper!



3. A perfect cup of coffee on Halloween Night!

4. Is there anything more Italian than a caffè latte? Pizza on a caffè latte. So, yeah.



5. Surprised Milk-Foam Octopus is surprised.

6. A koala? Or an elephant with a super short trunk? This mystery might never be solved…



7. My favorite part in Minions was when they showed the Minions and stuff.



8. Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea.

9. It’s Winnie the Pooh…



10. …and Tigger too!

11. Love that penguin. Not sure what his friend with the goggles is supposed to be, but it’s awesome anyway.



12. A nice latte is already magical, so imagine adding a unicorn into the mix.



13. We’re going to call this one…a giraffe?

14. Hot Tub Party.



15 Hot Tub Party 2: The Sequel

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