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There are signs that we’re compatible with, and others that we tend to clash with. But the most important question when thinking about signs in your relationship: a checklist of traits and wants that you’ll need in a romantic partner! Rather then us telling you the signs that might end in happily ever after, we want to tell you precisely what your sign and soul needs, and will be fulfilled by.



1. Libra
Libras are big sapiosexuals – their brain is an erogenous zone! They’re also very visual. Libras are turned on by the cerebral nature of things, so they need someone that can stimulate them both physically, and emotionally. Libras need a great conversationalist, and someone who values respect – someone that won’t be too crass with their humor, or insensitive to boundaries.



2. Cancer
These guys need to take intimacy slow, but they’re real fans of romance. A true romantic will sweep a Cancer off their feet, but getting there is a slow and steady journey, so a partner will need to be patient, and tender. Someone with a steady job and no red flags or intense emotional baggage, since Cancers are strongly attracted to stability. They don’t like aggressive people, so a partner will need to be sensitive to the needs to others, and never raise a voice.

3. Aries
An Aries is strong-footed sign, so they need a similarly strong partner by their side. Aries are attracted to more dominant signs, but they also feel the need to be a constant and top priority, which is a hard balance to find. The physical spark is very important to Aries, so a strong sexual chemistry and sense of passion is necessary from a partner. They also need someone who won’t compare them to their exes, since they like being first, and best! A partner that can handle a bit of ego is important, due to this.



4. Virgo
Virgos need someone who can stay calm – they like things slow and sensual – in the bedroom and outside! Trust is the key to a Virgo’s heart, so their partner will need to be trustworthy. Virgos also have a weak spot for nerds, so a bookworm for a partner would be a dream come true – but not too much of an introvert though! A partner needs to respect a Virgo’s homebody, introverted tendencies, but also help in coaxing them out of their shells. They’re better someone that makes sweet, authentic small moves rather than grand displays of romance and affection.

5. Capricorn
Capricorns are very sexual, but they’re also very emotional. They need a partner who is responsible, and can be held accountable for their actions. They don’t have time for Peter Pans and childish antics, so a mature partner is a huge turn-on. They are goal oriented and need a partner that is similar, but patient (patient with the crippling pride Cappies can sometimes have as well). Capricorns can take a little longer to process things than others, so patience is also a virtue in potential partners.



6. Leo
A Leo’s partner will rarely have to seek the Leo out – their charisma will attract the partner! Leos need an affectionate significant other – they like to express their love, and they want that expression reciprocated! They don’t like being embarrassed in public, so they need someone mature and supportive who won’t cause a scene or lose their cool if a public argument goes down.

7. Taurus
A Taurus totally reacts to sense – if a partner can stimulate all their senses, that can help ignite the passion of a Taurus. They’re cautious in love, so they need a partner who is understanding of that, and cool with the relationship moving at a glacial place. The perfect partner for a Taurus is someone who can be not just a lover, but an amazing friend who also values honesty as they do. They need a partner who doesn’t harbor any secretive traits, since the trust for a Taurus is based solely on being open and honest!



8. Sagittarius
A Sagittarius can get bored easily, and can’t handle when people get possessive or jealous. A feisty sign to deal with for sure! Yet simultaneously, they enjoy their freedom and hate when people lose their own identity in a relationship. A partner that can provide space, but simultaneously be supportive is the dream come true for every Sagittarian! A partner who is highly trusting but also independent is necessary, because being needy with this sign simply won’t work.

9. Pisces
This airy sign need someone to help ground them. Their playfulness is what makes them such charming dreamers, but due to that, they need a partner who will bring them back down to earth and stay realistic, while also having their own playful side. They need a genuine partner who will never use them, since boundaries are fragile and crossed easily, with this sign. A soul who knows how to handle sensitive dreamers but appeal to their creative sign is the ideal partner for Pisces.



10. Gemini
Gemini can be a bit of a wildcard – they’re free with their body, and they like to have fun! A sensitive partner will not do well here – Geminis need someone with a thicker skin and a smart, witty side that can cut back (in a loving way, of course). A Gemini needs an adrenaline junkie who’s down to embark on any adventure with them, and be just as frank in terms of communication (Geminis are very straightforward, and expect similar traits in a partner). Someone that isn’t offended easily and can accept the notion of change will capture the heart of a Gemini for sure!

11. Scorpio
Scorpios can be fiery and volatile signs to deal with sometimes – but it’s worth it in the long run! Because this double-edged sword also means that they have incomparable passion and intimacy. You should have a high sex drive if you want to contend with this sign, and be ready to wage the slow and steady war of getting them to settle down. They feel betrayed quite easily, so being direct works best with this sign (and partners letting them know they won’t be scared off easily).



12. Aquarius
Communication is key with this sign – bad communicators need to be kicked to the curb, ASAP! They need a partner who can keep them mentally stimulated, and a philosophical conversation, when done right, is the ultimate turn on for this sign. An Aquarius also needs a compassionate nature and animal lover. If dogs act weird around you, an Aquarius might take that as a red flag!

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