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Top 10 Fall Beauty Tips You Should Incorporate Into Your Routine 》

Fall is the perfect time of year to switch up your beauty routine. The seasons are changing, and so is your style and fashion. You’re probably looking for your favorite coat and purchasing some new scarfs, but did you think about your beauty routine? It requires some changes too. Not only is it time to go for darker, richer colors in your makeup, but it’s also a good time to change up your skincare regimen and tailor it to the changing weather conditions. There’s a lot to consider so we thoughtfully created a list of top 10 fall beauty tips for you. Enjoy!



1. Conditioner and Hair Masks
Let’s start from the top. The weather is getting colder and windier and you know what that means. It’s about to wreak havoc with your hair. It’s about to go all frizzy and dry. To avoid that go for a richer hair conditioner and try to do a nourishing hair mask once a week at least.



2. Night Cream
Moisturizing is key in the fall months, but since the weather might be fickle you might not want to switch to a super rich day cream yet. That’s where night creams come in. Choose a rich moisturizing night cream for fall. You can do the bulk of your moisturizing at night time and wake up with perfectly soft and smooth skin.

3. Day Cream With SPF
Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you should stop using SPF. You can stop using that super thick SPF meant for going to the beach, but find a good day cream that will be hydrating and have at least SPF 30. You want your face protected from those harmful UV rays at all times.



4. Lip Balm
It’s that season when your lips are most likely to get chapped so make sure to always have lips balm on you. In fact, but a couple of lip balms and chap sticks and just keep them everywhere – at work, at home, in every handbag and chuck a few into some coat pocket just in case too.

5. Face Masks
Moisturizing and plumping face masks are a godsend in the fall. They’ll save you on those days you wake up and feel like there’s no color in your face and you look like a zombie even though it’s not Halloween. You can make DIY ones or buy some of those sheet masks for the days when you’re in a rush.



6. Face Wash
If you’re still using a mattifying face cleanser you were using this summer – it’s time to stop. Cleansing your face is important, but there’s no need to be that harsh and remove all the oils from your face during autumn. Instead switch to something gentler like a foaming cleanser or a moisturizing face wash.

7. Exfoliation
If your skin becomes dry and flaky during the colder seasons it’s high time to find a good exfoliant. You have two choices here, either go for a nice gentle exfoliating toner/facemask or just invest into a good cleansing brush. You might think those pulsating face brushes are a bit expensive, but it’s an investment that will make your skin look good for years to come.

8. Hand Cream
You probably didn’t use hand cream much during the summer, but now you’ll find that your hand are constantly feeling dry and rough. Get yourself a good hand cream, preferably one that it’s oily but is nourishing, moisturizing and fast absorbing. Hand creams with glycerin or beeswax are perfect for fall. And while we’re at it, getting a good cuticle oil isn’t a bad idea either.



9. Body Butters and Lotions
It’s not just the exposed parts of your body that need moisturizing in the fall. Your whole body needs it. So get yourself a nice body lotion and rub it all over yourself after every shower and bath. Pay special attention to your elbows and knees, those tend to go dry and ashy first.

10. Foot Cream
Lots of people tend to neglect their feet in the colder months. It’s true, since it’s not summer, no more sandals, your feet stay hidden away in socks and boots and no one gets to see them. But do you really want dry scaly feet that catch on your sheets? We didn’t think so. Make sure to pay special attention to your heels, exfoliate and moisturize them every time you take a bath.

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