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10 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism Naturally 》

Snack every few hours will only get you so far, if you’re looking to up your metabolism. If you’re looking to up it naturally instead of eating like a rabbit, these powerhouse foods will kick sluggish metabolisms to the curb. See which ones you can integrate into your diet, and watch those love handles fall off.



1. Matcha
This is a green tea leaf which is ground into bright green powder. This powdered tea contains high levels of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which blocks core-fat cell formation, and boots fat breakdown, i.e, your metabolism? Who needs an excuse for a yummy matcha latte anyway?



2. Dark Chocolate
Along with lowering stress, this also regulates metabolism. The naturally occurring chemicals in cocoa help speed up your metabolism. Don’t eat the whole bar though! Stick to under 2 ounces.

3. Whole Grain Pasta
This contains less sugar than processed and refined grains, and your body works harder to digest these fiber-rich foods, so also opt for whole wheat bread if you can.



4. Eggs
Eggs are a great source of lean protein which helps you burn up to twice as many calories while you deigns. If you’re worried about cholesterol, you can stick to egg whites, but the yolks have all kinds of goodness inside of them if you don’t!

5. Spinach
The iron in spinach helps make it a metabolism increasing superfood, and dark leafy greens are also great due to their high fiber content. You can increase your fat burning abilities by up to 30%, so why not give it a shot?



6. Grapefruit and Citrus Fruits
While acidic, these are a metabolism-revving fruits are great for you. Grapefruit specifically have been shown to lower your insulin levels, and the fiber content in it also helps regulate your metabolism.

7. Coconut Oil
This fat is a medium chain triglyceride, which promotes healthy fat absorption which is used for efficient energy conversion instead of being stored like the other types of bad fats (i.e, trans fats). Tastes great on toast with a little honey!

8. Garlic
Don’t go too crazy with this or you might star emitting an odor, but garlic supports blood-sugar metabolism and control your fat levels. It’s also great for your immune system, so this is a powerhouse ingredient that will help you lose weight and more.



9. Salmon
The anti-inflammatory properties of salmon make it an insanely good resource if you’re looking to up your metabolism. Out of all the fishes in the sea, salmon provides the best fat-fighting benefits. Fatty acids in fish might also cue the liver’s thyroid cells to burn more fat, apparently! Bye-bye bloat and fat.

10. Oysters
Who would have thought this classic bar favorite and aphrodisiac was also amazing for burning fat? Next time you’re at the bar, order half a dozen to fill your body up with zinc, which makes for a healthy thyroid. Zinc deficiencies make your metabolism slow down, so hitting up some raw oysters with have you losing weight in no time, and improve cholesterol!

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