10 Ideas On How To Look Great On NYE | Fashion

10 Ideas On How To Look Great On NYE

10 Ideas On How To Look Great On NYEMeet The Year of Sheep or Goat in just 2 weeks. The Sheep is considered a calm and gentle creature. That’s why she will allow you to be quite frivolous in choosing your New Year’s party look. But the Sheep is not totally willy-nilly and still has some very helpful guidelines for you to follow if you are to become her fave in the upcoming year – to be that ultra glam-girl for 2015.Now, take a few sips of champagne and lets take a look at the 10 fashion ideas that will make you the Diva-to-Deal-With – those cool things that will bring you all-night glam and glitz.

1. Colors1. Colors
Our savvy Sheep is suggesting that you choose warm gradations of emerald-green, blue, mint, purple, turquoise, sky blue, navy blue. Of course, ordinary black and white are admissible but not preferable. So go for one of these dark shades that will showcase your skin tones, make up and eye color.

2. Dresses &Tops2. Dresses &Tops
No synthetics! Your dress should be as soft to touch just like a sheep. Pay more attention to natural and smooth fabrics such as suede, cashmere, tweed, leather, velvet or fine wool. It’s better to avoid shiny textures, crystals and sparkles. So our Sheep-Girl fashion consultant is stressing CLASS by seeing you in great fabrics with good textures (especially in the case of wool and cashmere.

Just make sure your strategy is moving toward the fashion trends:

  • Delicate chiaroscuro gowns
  • Disco ready skirts
  • Unisex pants and jackets
  • Colourful necklace (have several to choose from)
  • T-shirt mini dresses
  • Vintage retro dresss

Remember your NYE outfit is your way to say who you are without talking. It’s your best way to erase all the fashion foul-ups you had during the previous year and to dress up and try new styles and ideas. It’s a brilliant chance to show your BF how magnetic you really are! In case you’re a single lady there is nothing better to turn heads than shape-enhancing glam top or a show-stopping, drop dead gorgeous dress that just oozes elegance.

3. Shoes&Boots3. Shoes&Boots
Sometimes the best fashion outcome happens because of what goes on your feet. The rule here is the well dress will be properly shoed. You’re absolutely free to choose high heels or casual flats, glam sneakers or pastel-colored loafers. Don’t forget about chunky boots that can be both glamorous and harsh. Just be aware you’ve made a successful interpretation of shoes for your perfect look. Combine the petite Loubotins with a BF jacket or skinny jeans, choose a pair of boots to pair up with a delicate gown, try cute loafers with a retro outfit and finally the ever-comfortable flats with a t-shirt oversized mini.

4. Clutches & Purses4. Clutches & Purses
Men are absolutely sure that women’s minds are as complex as the contents of her bag. The latest trends allows us to change sizes, forms and colors of our bags several times per day. But leave your fashionable collection for your everyday look and other events and this NYE give the nod to the oversized leather clutches or cute, little self-colored purses. This year avoid BIG. Go simple with it either a clutch or a small purse!

5. Rings & Earrings5. Rings & Earrings
Our Sheep-Girl doesn’t like fake diamonds or jewelry. Don’t try to cover yourself with the crystals and other glass sparkles. As for your choice of accessories: Try wood, silver, golden bobbles and gunmetals. All these can be mixed to make some interesting effects. Play with shapes – the coils, chains and spirals are the main favs for this night. Don’t be afraid to wear more than one or two rings. The ring puzzle across your hand will make you a most fashionable party queen. If you’re afraid to experiment with a complicated construct, ask your mom to lend you some marble accessories. But it’s essential it should be massive otherwise it counts as old-fashioned.

6. Hairdo6. Hairdo
The charming braided hairstyles are still trendy. You can be inspired by such Hollywood divas as Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence and Karolina Kurkova. They tried a variety of braided hairdo ideas during 2014.
Wanna have the iconic fashionable hairdo? Play with colors! Go black with blonde roots or self-colored brown. Dare to become electric blue or go pink on the base of your natural color.

In case you don’t want such drastic changes you can go traditional with a fabulous trendy hairstyle like a medium length bob, wet look waves, bouncy curves, long and straight ones.

The main rule is to be well-groomed and have really healthy hair always being mindful about the shape of your face.

7. Makeup7. Makeup
When it comes to the NYE 2015 makeup trends you need to go natural. Our Sheep Girl insists! Use the simple lines and pastel colors like beige, bronze, fawn and creamy ones. Make an accent on your cheekbones and brows. Use the nude tones of lipstick. Choose dull or matte eyeshades. You can also go with ‘smoky eyes’ but still make it more delicate and not too aggressive.

8. Nails8. Nails
Preparing for your New Year’s party remember there are 10 little things to be among first in your list, your fingers! Here, you can bring some shine and glitter, metal shades and bright colors. Not least is the shape of your nails. It should be natural. Artificial nails are not fashionable any more.

9. Fragrance9. Fragrance
NYE fragrance selection is a special ritual. It’s the first thing everyone notices about you and it’s the one no one will forget after the party’s over! That’s why NYE is the best time to resist the ‘I know I like it’ perfumes. Don’t try to find similar notes or scents to the one you use every day. The new fragrance is like a new romance? Isn’t NYE the best time to start with it?

10. Phone cover10. Phone cover
The phone cover became an essential part of every look. The NYE party look is not an exception. So treat your gadget with a couple of new ‘outfits’ which you can change during the holidays or even till the end of the winter. There are some ideas to choose from:

  • Coordinate the cover with the color of your nails
  • Choose an ambre color combined with the color of your dress
  • Choose a winter holidays style (the snow flakes, the Santa, the reindeer, etc).
  • Feel free and don’t be afraid to choose the funniest one even if you’ll be wearing the most elegant item in your wardrobe.

Well, we have to say the Sheep Girl is all knowing and all seeing. This will be a good year for you and her. Especially New Years. With these great tips you know your starting out on. the right foot. Have fun!

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