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10 Marble Wedding Cake Ideas That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat 》

Last year it was all about rustic, naked cakes on Instagram – this year, the hottest trend you can rock is a marble cake. People are straying from the traditional hue of marble and taking creative liberties for some truly breathtaking final products. These wedding options seriously take the cake – which is your dream design?



1. A dramatic marble swoop on the bottom layer and a crinkled metallic gold second layer makes this stand out from the other cream-colored cakes with floral arrangements. The choice of a blush arrangement makes it elegant instead of overbearing, and the metallic silver bands that finish off each layer have a similar effect.



2. This isn’t a trend just for neutrals – a rich purple hue like this is a perfect example of this. The marble bottom is super clean with delicate strands of purple, and the white coloring on top is super clean.

3. Who knew a green paisley marble design would look so great on a cake? A matching metallic gold shade fills out the emerald lined paisley borders pairs with a simple white rose and gold flaked bottom. A perfect way to make a two tiered cake stand out and look complex.



4. With the help of a cactus and rose gold geometric lines, this marble cake is modern while still featuring the standard marble bottom. This mostly white design has some truly unexpected accent and would be memorable at any ceremony.

5. This unique cake is colored like a sunset and a geode all at once – the marble is covered in lovely pink, orange, and red swirls that don’t need any other designs except the simple two florals between the top two layers. Pink lovers, try this out!



6. This mermaid inspired cake is giving us serious feels. It looks almost as thought this midnight-teal marble rush is a spilling waterfall, which makes the wide cylinder base even more appropriate.

7. The nude speckling of marble adds a rustic hint to the cake that already has a lovely forest inspired floral arrangement in the middle. Neutrals are definitely the way to go, and this many-tiered cake opts for a muted color story that speaks volumes.

8. Here, a bunch of unexpected elements combine for a surprisingly chic two-tiered marble look. A dreamy blue marbled bottom marries with white to mimic a beautiful summer day. A simple silver braid joins the layers, and the cake is topped with a leafy floral arrangements.



9. This look is perfect for the unconventional bride – a gorgeously done marble looks blends blue and purples for a twilight inspired hue. The cube structure is one that we haven’t seen before, especially with just two layers, but it manages to be as stunning as it is simple.

10. Ok, normally, we would say transcription on a cake is too corny or tacky, but this elegant gold cursive on the middle tier makes us rethink that. Paired with golden flecks and a simple nude base make this a romantic and timeless look – and a great way to express thoughts to your loved one!

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