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10 Ways Your Body Changes With Age 》

Aging is something that a lot of people don’t like to think or talk about – but while society has turned it into something to avoid and fear, we welcome the changes that come with each year. The truth is these changes, although they can seem scary, are perfectly normal. Here’s what to expect.



1. As we get older, we can’t eat like a trash receptacle without consequences. The days of inhaling McDonald’s every weekend in our early 20s will soon change, thanks to our Bodie not being able to bounce back as quickly. When the 30s come, we need to pay more attention to our junk food intake!



2. On a related one, one of the reasons a need for lifestyle change happens is due to metabolism slowing down. In our 30s we experience the start of bone and muscle loss, meaning that we need to work out and diet more.


3. Collagen breaks down. Skin is less tight and taut, and breasts become less perky. This breakdown can lead to fine lines or deep ones. But wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of – they indicate wisdom as well as beautify your smile with expression.



4. Cellulite and dimples show up and exaggerate themselves in times of aging. Cellulite has nothing to do with weight loss and is a genetic tendency for fat to get trapped under the skin. Creams can help temporarily, but what’s the point? Embrace the jiggle!


5. You can actually get shorter – no wonder there are so many tiny old ladies. They weren’t always that way! Bones make up 20% of body weight and bone mineral density diminishes over time. We can lose 1-3 inches off height in our lifetime. Time to sign up for Pilates!



6. Our voice actually changes as we age. In middle age, vocal cord structure change and theirs muscles atrophy, leading to tissues breaking down and voice box stiffening. This can result in weaker or lower voice, or one that’s higher or lower in register. Fortunately estrogen can help delay these changes.


7. Grey hair pops up – in our thirties, we panic, but in our forties and fifties it becomes a lot less scary and more normal. Whether the hair is on your chin, on your head, or down below, going gray is totally normal and even happens prematurely for some folks.


8. At some point in your life, you sometimes will pee a tiny bit when you sneeze and that’s ok. This can happen with age, and also after giving birth (because both giving birth and aging weakens muscles and nerves that control urination. Pelvic floor exercises can help with this.



9. Another embracing factor to talk about is dryness down there, which can occur for a lot of women, and occurs due to a loss of estrogen. This also causes menopause. Estrogen is a fountain of youth which slowly dwindles as we get older, so thank goodness for lubricant and natural arousal supplements.


10. Your actual facial features start to change a bit – sagging jowls and a longer, more pronounced nose can occur along with longer ears, and very elderly people can lose pigment in their iris, leading to the appearance of light blue or gray eyes.

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