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Destiny can be inevitable: sometimes, you meet someone and fall in love, only to find out that the very foundational traits about you are simply not comptable. How would one find this out in the beginning and save some grief? Checking out your astrological compatibility can actually make a huge difference in how successful your relationship can be – see what disasters to avoid here.



1. Aries & Taurus
Headstrong Aries will probably butt heads with stubborn Taurus who love to stick their tongue out and say they told you so. When you guys start a fight, sparks fly, and not in the good way. The passionate signs will end up in a messy break up with the Aries trying to ghost and the Taurus wanting never-ending explanations. Better to just avoid the whole thing.

2. Virgo & Libra
Libras find Virgos to be self-righteous and too serious, not wanting to indulge enough, while Virgos find Libras to be childish and annoyingly carefree. Opposites may not attract, in this case. Libras have a small, close-knit group of friends while Virgos can be more of the social butterfly type who doesn’t appreciate one-on-one time as much as you. Get used to third wheels

3. Cancer and Aquarius
An Aquarius likes to treat themselves and spend money without a care. They’re also carefree in the sense that they can relocate and start new without stressing out. Those who are not so go-with-the-flow could find this anxiety-inducing and annoying. The free spirited Aquarius will get the independent homebody cancer impromptu tickets to Hawaii for the same night, which will lead to a big blow-up, and the Aquarius will probably correct the Cancer, which will annoy them even more.



4. Libra & Pisces
These two signs are so indecisive – making a decision will take forever. The back and forth will be more stressful than it is cute. Both signs also hate conflict, which lead to passive aggressive fights and a lack of communication. Similar traits can be good, but in this case in can tear you apart. Unfortunately, the passive nature of these signs lead them to run away from each other when they need to hold each other the closest.

5. Sagittarius & Capricorn
The sexual chemistry might not be off the charts with this one, so it’s a good thing to know in advance! A Sagittarius will always feel like their Capricorn is preventing them from having fun. Capricorns are more serious and responsible while the Sagittarius will be more on the reckless side. Turning from mate to mom is never fun.

6. Scorpio & Aries
These signs are both independent, which might seem great! Initially, these signs will love that they both respect their alone time, since both signs are quite sexual and flirtatious. Unfortunately those traits tend to wander not that far into the relationship. Also, jealous Scorpios will probably not react well and start fights in reaction. This relationship is sure to lead to trust issues and difficulties in communication.

7. Pisces & Virgo
Pisces are notorious for being sensitive and can have their head in the clouds a bit while Virgos can remain practical and grounded. Might seem like it would balance each other out, but you might just butt heads. Virgos like things organized and tidy, while it’s not that easy for Pisces to compartmentalize like that.

8. Libra & Capricorn
Libra is very generous and can be a people-pleaser, while Capricorn can be obstinate about getting their own way, and even be a bit controlling at time. This can lead to a manipulative dynamic where the Capricorn may take advantage of the poor ol’ generous Libra, who will always give more and more without standing up for themselves. The emotionally open Libra will never fully reach the distant Capricorn.



9. Taurus & Leo
While Leos can be extroverts that love to hang in a crowd, a Taurus is good with being a homebody or just hanging out with a new friends. Finding a compromise between these two can be hard. Also, both signs have strong senses of pride, and find it difficult to apologize. Not great for fights. Homebody versus party animal isn’t usually a match in heaven – especially when you’re both stubborn.

10. Gemini & Scorpio
These signs might have great sex and make sense as friends with benefits, but are sure to break up. Scorpios can be pretty open and honest about emotions while a Gemini might not be as into the deep soulful, hours on-end conversation. Scorpios can be a bit possessive, and Gemini won’t want to communicate about the jealous fights that ensue.

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