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Weather you like it or not, but autumn is upon us and winter is coming. With the winter months approaching, the days are becoming shorter, the weather is getting colder and we find ourselves spending the majority of our time not really wanting to leave the comfort of our home. But what about exciting dates with our boyfriend or girlfriend? There’s only so many days in a row you can Netflix and chill before it becomes boring. Well, that’s where we come in. We came up with a bunch of activities for couples that are as exciting as going out but they don’t actually require you to venture outside into the cold.



1. Picnic
How the hell do you have a picnic in the cold you ask? Easy. You just have a stay at home picnic. You make all the little snacks you usually would take to a picnic, but instead you just lay a blanket on the floor, light a couple of candles perhaps, maybe even hang up some bunting to make it feel more festive and have a picnic at home, in your living room.



2. Wine and Cheese Night
Who says you have to go to a fancy restaurant to have a sophisticated wine and cheese tasting evening. Buy a fancy bottle of wine or a couple if you feel like it. Definitely buy lots of different kind of cheese. Brie, camembert, that weird blue mouldy cheese, perhaps give some vegan nut cheese a try. Arrange it all on your table and have a full blown wine and cheese night.

3. Would You Rather
That game is always fun to play, whether you’re in a company of friends or just with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Plan ahead and come up with a list of really weird freaky would you rather scenarios and revel in the look of complete terror in your partner’s eyes when they can’t decide which of the strange options to choose. Alternatively, if you don’t want to plan ahead and want to be spontaneous, google some “would you rather” questions. The internet if full of crazy ideas.

4. Re-Decorating
Do you just have the color of your table? Or perhaps you’ve grown tired of the posters hanging on your wall? Why not re-decorate? It could be as simple as changing up some posters and artworks and moving furniture around a bit, or if you’re into it – grab some paint and paint your furniture a different color or add a splash of color to your walls.



5. Cooking Together
In this day and age we rarely have time to cook, plus not all of us are gifted with that skill. However, it might be fun to find a recipe of a dish you really love and try to make it from scratch. Buy all the ingredients beforehand, print out the instructions, put on your apron and get cooking. Doesn’t matter if you’re going for something fancy or just attempting homemade pizza. You’re gonna have fun cooking with your partner and hopefully learn how to cook something at the end.

6. Candle-lit Dinner
If you like the previous suggestion and if that goes well and you successfully cook something you can then have a glorious candle-lit dinner. Alternatively, if you don’t want to cook, but still like the idea, just order from your favourite restaurant, light some candles, dress as if you’re going out and have a lovely romantic candle-lit dinner.



7. Movie Marathon
When was the last time you actually had a movie marathon. These days we mostly just binge watching TV shows on Netflix. But remember, movie marathons used to be so much fun. So pick a couple of movies that have the same general theme running through them, or just a movie that has a couple of sequels and have a marathon. Prepare snacks though, you don’t really wanna stop the movie marathon to get food. The only way to get through it is not to stop.

8. Gaming Night
Why not plan a hardcore gaming night? It might be fun to pick a couple of fun games on your Xbox or Playstation and just spend an evening taking over the world together or killing some zombies, whatever strikes your fancy.



9. Play Twister
Twister is usually played in big groups, but trust me, it can be fun with just two people. It’s a perfect game for couples, since you won’t feel weird when you end up in strange positions tangled around each other. It often gets competitive, find out who’s the master of twister between the two of you. Either way you’ll end up a pile of limbs on the floor, laughing hysterically.

10. Photoshoot
Take a camera or even your iPhone will do and pretend you’re a photographer and your partner is a model. Take as many pictures as you want. You can create characters for the photoshoot, dress up in costumes and put makeup on each other for dramatic effect. Be silly and have fun. Make sure to take a couple of pictures together, so you’ll have adorable and silly couple’s pictures to look back on.



11. SPA Day
Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to reap the benefits of a SPA. You can pamper yourself at home just as well. Grab a couple of mud masks, some cucumber slices and tons of lotion and pamper the hell out of yourself and your partner. Make sure to snap some hilarious mud mask selfies too, those are always fun.

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