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11 Unique Food IG Accounts With Their Own Style  》

Nobody gets sick of scrolling through delicious food posts on Instagram that makes our stomachs growl. But sometimes those posts can get a little repetitive, and boring. Sometimes, you need to mix it up with a fresh perspective. And that’s exactly what these accounts have done to set themselves apart from the herd.



Meet Mel. She eats her way around the world, and her posts have a truly unique perspective. She always holds a food from a different city against a photogenic background that captures the essence of the city perfectly. And gives us some solid manicure inspiration!



It’s hard to believe this furry cutie isn’t a stuffed animal propped in front of mouth-watering plates, but he’s actually just a very obedient pup turned foodie! Don’t worry, the former LA stray pup’s health is protected by his owner who only poses him with the goods, instead of feeding him with them. Don’t worry, his doggie treat version is just as yum!

This week in #couplegoals news, Michael cooks his partner Mark a perfectly matching symmetrical breakfast to his own in these staggeringly beautiful plates with colorful beverages to complement. Mark must be the ultimate bae to get this treatment every morning!



Tal Spiegal is a pastry chef based in Paris and he posts pics of mouthwatering desserts in his hands with a stand-out, jazzy pair of shoes that complement each shot. Putting everyone’s walking selfies and trendy, decadent milkshake shots to shame. These are carefully crafted, miniature works of art, that will have you ready to drop a hundo on macarons at any moment.

Some editing definitely played a role here, but we don’t mind! These Wingardium Leviosa type shots make it look like the photographer is tossing these foods up in the air and juggling them with ease. He chooses some pretty nom-worthy things that we’d like to snatch up mid-air! And pairs with some sassy captions. What else could we ask for?



Chef Jacques is all about the little things in life. No, literally. He works with only small portions, and styles food with the help of tweezers. Oh, and it’s junk food such as Cheese Whiz and Doritos, repurposed to look like exquisite, artisanal plates. We have never been as confused by something as we are into it!

Similar to Girl Eat World, this photographer and food blogger is all about capturing the right photogenic background to their eats, posting them from scenic surroundings which are in the air. (Some of them higher up in the air than others, but with these international, messy and splendid delicacies, the background comes out of focus real quick.



The guy who dos symmetrical plates for him and his boo might have to watch out for this account! JK, this account is dedicated to all the “struggle plates” that bae tries to make for date night but has no domestic skills, hence this is the epic fail of each final product. So much ketchup and so many Kraft slices melted over things. Ugh.

Food and cute babies are two of the best things in life, so why not combine them? This IG account combines dad Mike Chau’s sweet lil’ munchkins with some of NYC’s most drool-worthy foods. Parents trying to get your kids to eat their veggies, hide this delicious Instagram!



This Italian account takes the slightly silly, overly edited style of @ehgg and elevates it a bit. This suspended food looks so yummy, we want to capture it with our mouths, mid-air. This method somehow looks clean and minimal, using space and the high quality of the shot to its advantage. Art or food? Why not both?

Everyone who loses it over brunch (ourselves included), follow this Instagram, immediately. This curated feed shows the best of the best brunch experiences, providing either inspiration for your own recipes, or a hefty price tag on a fancy brunch, if you’re the lazy type.

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