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12 Airplane Beauty Hacks 》

Travelling by plain can be an exhausting experience, but only if you go on a trip unprepared! It’s hard to look your best after you’ve spend more than a few hours up in the air with all the temperature drops, dehydration, and inability to get a good sleep. Yet, travel pros have learned to overcome most of in-flight difficulties, and this means you can do it, too! Here are 12 airplane beauty hacks to travel fabulously no matter what.



Pack a sleeping mask
Not getting enough sleep is the #1 reason why we look so tired and dishevelled after a long flight. Forget about the sleeping masks they give you on board and opt for a comphy (and stylish!) sleeping mask of your own. This way you’ll look fresh and rested when your plane lands.



Keep your hair tied back
Yes, we know, you like your hair and how it flows down freely over your shoulders, but believe us, it’s best to tie it all up in a cute bun while on a plane – this way you’ll avoid getting all dishevelled upon landing. And you won’t have to worry about it getting all messy while you sleep!


Chapstick is a must
You’ve probably noticed that the air inside a plane is incredibly dry. This means not only your skin, but your lips, too, will become all cracked up! To avoid this beauty disaster, pack a moisturizing chapstick and make sure your lips don’t get too dry while up in the air.



Freshen up with a bit of bergamot oil
Aromatherapy’s been back in the game for quite some time now, so why not use it on the plane? Choose your favourite aroma and take a small bottle with you. It’s great to put some bergamot or lemongrass essential oil on your wrists while flying or after the landing. You’ll both feel refreshed and smell amazing at the same time!


Ask for free makeup samples
Most people have no idea about this little trick, but it can become a real life-saver when you have to spend hours at the airport. If for some reason you’ve forgotten to pack your essentials, you can go to the duty-free shops and ask for free makeup samples. And the best thing? You can actually take them on board!



Opt for a mini-deodorant
Everyone understands the importance of smelling good on a plane, but it’s so easy to forget this small detail! Packing a normal-sized deodorant can be a nuisance, so why not go for a baby-size deodorant instead? It’s a life-saver, especially if you’re going to be stuck on a plane for hours without a shower.


Don’t forget eye drops
How many times have you gotten off the plane with puffy, swollen eyes? Well, you don’t really have to do that! Buy yourself a bottle of nice hydrating eye drops and all your problems will be solved. Even if your eyes are usually okay, remember that plane’s air is super dry and can cause all kinds of problems.



Wear a sheet mask (if you dare!)
We, girls, like our privacy when it concerns our beauty regime, but wearing a sheet mask during your flight can become the best thing ever, at least for your skin. Just imagine how fresh and relaxed you’ll feel afterwards! And no dried out skin whatsoever. It’s definitely a trick you should consider.


Pack a light concealer
Sometimes no matter how hard we try to rest on a flight, we still end up looking absolutely exhausted. When that happens, the next best thing to a good night’s sleep is using a bit of concealer to hide those dark circles under our eyes. There’s nothing wrong with using a bit of makeup!



Try dry shampoo
Depending on how long your flight takes, it may be wise to pack some dry shampoo into your carry-on bag. Oily roots can be a real pain, and that’s where dry shampoo can become most handy. It will keep your hair voluminous, smelling good, and will help get rid of those annoying oily roots!


Use facial mist
There’s no better way to soothe your skin and prepare for the dryness of the air on board the plane than using a bit of that special facial mist that smells so nice and can moisturize even the driest skin. Apply some of it right before you go up into the sky to give your skin a protective layer and once again before you land – to moisturize after the long flight.



Drink lots of water
And we mean lots and lots of water! No matter what precautions you take, if you don’t keep yourself hydrated you will end up looking tired and worn out. Your whole body will thank you afterwards!

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