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12 Lips Makeup Trends You Should Try This Year 》

There’s been a lot of interesting lip trends lately and some of them were ridiculous, some weren’t very practical, but quite a few were very interesting. Depending on how you view and use makeup you might hate or love them. If you’re more of a practical person that uses makeup to correct some flaws and highlight natural features, they’re probably not for you. However, if you view makeup as a form of art, a way to express your unique personality, show off your skills, or even just post some pretty impressive pics on Instagram – you might just want to give these a try.



1. Caviar Lips
This trend started with classic black and red colors, to imitate caviar, but quickly people started experimenting with other colors. And of course it’s not real caviar that’s used for this, instead all sorts of colorful 3d beads are used to get a similar effect.



2. Furry Lips
Yes, we know, this one is incredibly unpractical, but you’ve got to admit it looks very cool. That felt effect really adds a little something to any look.

3. Lollipop Lips
This smudged effect is used to imitate the effect of sucking on a lollipop. Incidentally it’s also great if you’re only starting to use bright lipstick and are worried about smudging, you can just say it’s a trend and you were going for lollipop lips.



4. Geode Lips
Geode lips probably take a ridiculous amount of time to recreate, but it guarantees a wow effect. The texture itself is mesmerizing and you have infinite possibilities when it comes to color.

5. Metallic Lips
Metallic lips are a cool edgy trend that will make any outfit look more stylish and more risqué. It’s perfect for nights out, parties and if you’re daring enough or work in a creative industry – you can even wear it to work.



6. Neon Lips
We say neon lips, but what we really mean is neon lip liner. It’s a very interesting trend that uses bright, vivid lipsticks smudged over the lips, going over the edges, but then a white lip liner is used to achieve that neon effect and highlight the shape and contour of the lips.

7. Glitter Lips
Glitter lips are a fun and flashy trend. All you need is some clear lip gloss and some glitter to achieve this result, but a lot of beauty gurus like to combine lipstick of the same color to intensify the effect.



8. Classic Red Lips
A classic red lip will never go out of style, so if you haven’t mastered the trend yet, you should definitely get onto it. It’s a bold but perfect choice for any occasion.

9. Sequin Lips
Sequin lips are kind of the continuation of the glitter lip trend. Or maybe it’s the natural next step. Either way it seems like it opens up a lot of options for creativity simply because of all the different shapes of sequins available and the effects that you can achieve.



10. Marble Lips
Possibly the most millennial trend ever. You know how marble seems to be taking over the interiors of hip cafes and cool millennial apartments? It’s also a popular trend for nail design, and now it finally migrated into the makeup realm.

11. Curve Lips
Curved lips are a very beautiful and one of the more subtle trends, because you can achieve this effect with any color. You can go for crazy shades and bright colors, or you can go down the natural and nude route. Either way, the slightly curved top lip makes the whole face look more appealing and friendly.



12. Two-Tone Lips
The two-toned lip trend is very versatile. It can be done with contrasting colors for a more eye-catching effect, or two lip colors of a similar shade for a more natural gradient look.

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