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14 Mistakes That Can Push Your Partner Away 》

A new relationship can be as scary as it is dizzyingly exciting – you can self sabotage because you’re so into that person, that you occasionally act in crazy ways. It’s hard to decode the other person’s emotions while trying to figure out your own. Slow your roll and take these tips in order to maximize your blooming relationship and cultivate a healthy foundation between you and your partner without scaring them off.



1. Lying, or any form of breaking trust. It’s a sign of being manipulative, and earning that trust back can be difficult, if not sometimes impossible. Honesty is the best policy, as always.


2. Not communicating well. The inability to communicate, or laziness surrounding it is sure to end a relationship early.


3. Clinginess and desperation. It indicated low confidence and a need for validation that the person can’t provide for themselves. Being too desperate to lock someone down too early or have control in the relationship.

4. Being demanding. You have to give people the freedom to live their lives, and not have a grocery list of demands waiting for them at the door when they come home.


5. Presenting ultimatums all the time. Ultimatums are the worst thing for a relationship, as compromise and negotiation are necessary for balance.

6. Seeking reassurance from their partner constantly. Seeking reassurance excessively in a relationship means that person’s need to be shown they are loved will never be satiated, not matter how much attention their partner gives them. Hence, it can push someone away.


7. Overanalyzing situations and obsessing! Going insane over the small details and overthinking something to a ridiculous point is sure to kill your relationship early on. Relax and try to go with the flow instead of being self destructive or thinking up conspiracies.


8. Being passive aggressive. Being confrontational isn’t a good quality but neither is being someone who is aggressive in sneaky or manipulative ways and gives silent treatments.

9. Trying to change that person. There s a difference between bringing out the best in someone versus trying to change their identity in which case you shouldn’t be with them at all.


10. Bringing up exes all the time – talk to your girlfriends or your mom about that, not your current beau! It’s a major turn-off.

11. Being petty. If you sweat the small stuff, it will almost always lead to blow-ups and fights down the road. The inability to swallow your pride is a bad sign and means you will probably break up in the near future.


12. Being selfish and constantly putting yourself first. If you can’t be generous, you’re doomed. Selflessness is one of the cornerstones of a relationship even though self respect is also equally important.

13. Not being able to say sorry. Apologizing is so fundamental to a relationship and getting over various obstacles. If you can’t say sorry, you won’t make a great partner.


14. Being overly bossy. It’s a domineering and unattractive quality that makes it exhausting for other people to be around you.

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