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We all get nervous before our dates. What am I going to wear? What am I going to say? What are they going to say? Am I pronouncing their name correctly (can totally happen). Opening yourself up to new adventures can be stressful, but do not be distressed: we’ve got you covered. We certainly don’t have all the wisdom in the world but we are here to share some things we know to be effective.



Wear your best accessory: your smile
We know you are nervous and this is uncomfortable in a way. We know that the outfit you chose does not fit too great but it looks all sorts of fantastic. We also know that there are a million things running through your mind. This might not go as you planned but your smile is your best asset. Show it to the world!



Research your date destination
Going to a restaurant? Make sure to glance at a menu beforehand – neither you nor your date will appreciate a long pause that is caused by you studying your menu like a math problem. Going to a fancy movie theater? Take a quick look at their parking options. You don’t want to be late for your first date because you had to park four blocks away.

Plan your outfit ahead of time
You don’t want to be adjusting that strap that keeps falling on your shoulder or that skirt that tends to climb up every time you take a step. Securing a comfortable outfit will give you one less thing to stress out about. Go for something that compliments your body and fits you just right.

Pick comfortable shoes over heels
Now, we know that we want to look our absolute best on all of our dates. But this first date is crucial. What if you would like to go on a stroll through the park after? Do you really want to think about your uncomfortable shoes with every step that you make? Make it easier on yourself – go for comfort.



Pack a breath mint
Wasn’t that burger amazing? You both enjoyed its juice patty and those caramelized onions made it taste even more delicious. It is the end of your date and you see that a first kiss might be in the cards for you and oh no! Your breath still smells like your food. We can’t let that happen.

Invest in your body and health
Take a deep breath. It is all going to be a-ok. Don’t forget to drink lots of fluids to keep that skin glowing, don’t starve yourself in order to fit in that dress you bought 4 years ago. It is just a date. Keep up with your daily routine – make sure to moisturize and care for your body.

Center yourself
When we are stressed our minds keep wondering and we imagine how everything is going to go. We plan out every little detail in our brains and get disappointed if something doesn’t go according to our imaginary plan. Relax. Let it all happen naturally. It will be great.


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