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It is not really hard to understand, when the guy of your dreams is crazy about you. You don’t need to figure it out because his words, emotions, moves and acts speak for themselves. There are just sparks you can’t explain but surely know: the mutual attraction and chemistry is growing stronger.
But what if those sparks aren’t obvious enough? Sometimes the guy you like can be shy, play with you, look at you as a friend (or a bro?), annoy you or act strange ways making you question if he really likes you as a girl. And most of the time, we, girls are not confident enough to ask a guy directly or ask him out and make sure he’s ready for a new start with us (rejection is painful).
Do you really want to waste your precious time on a man who doesn’t actually like you that much? There are certain ways to make sure you are not desired. Sometimes these signs are not that obvious unless you know how to define them. So let’s learn them now to not to regret later!



1. He is not around. If the guy does like you – he shouldn’t necessarily act nice towards you. He may fool around, be weird, tease you or even ignore you as well, but as long as he is around, he does care. The man who likes you will always find a way to be next to you. Otherwise, he is not interested.

2. He doesn’t want to know anything about your life. When you like someone, you are just dying to know all the stuff about them, isn’t that right? You can listen to your partner with all the pleasure all day long. Pay attention to his questions about you, does he really want to find out about your lifestyle, hobbies, family and job or nah?

3. Flirting. Ok he flirts with you… and with all the other girls as well. Yes, there are guys out there who like to just flirt and make girls expect something but nothing usually happens. Here you should pay attention on how the guy you’re interested in interacts with other girls.

4. Does his tone sound the same when he talks with friends vs. with you? This sign is not so obvious, but still you can pay extra attention on how he speaks with friends and if he changes his voice when speaking with you. If everything stays the same – you are probably just a friend.

5. Body language means a lot. The negative body language includes maintaining imposing distance between you, folding arms tightly, avoiding eye contact, looking somewhere around but not on you when having a conversation and not focusing on it at all.



6. He doesn’t talk about himself. The guys don’t reveal things about their lives for reasons. If he is interested in developing relationship with you, not a serial killer or anything similar, he would surely like to tell you something positive about himself. If the guy is not interested – he won’t invite you to his life or will just share the bare minimum info to maintain the conversation.

7. He hesitates to see you. Despite the fact he says he wants to see you, you wait too long for him to set up that next date. Is it really worth it? Okay, even if he keeps asking you out (or means to), but doesn’t actually hurry to see you, you’re probably a fallback but not a relationship material. After discovering it, do not hesitate to leave the circle before it’s too late!

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