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8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Emily Ratajkowsky 》

Ratajkowsky is a beautiful British-American model and actress but you
probably know her best from her appearance in Robin Thicke’s
Blurred Lines music video. Her physique is envied by many, her good
looks are admirable and her abs are world-famous at this point. She
has 24 million followers on Instagram and she has acted in quite a
few popular movies but you probably didn’t know that because it
wasn’t the main role. Well, Ratajkowski is more than just a pretty
face, she’s got quite a few tricks up her sleeve and we have
prepared some facts about her that we bet you didn’t know.

Modeling Start

people don’t know what Emily Ratajkowski’s age was when she was
first signed to become a model. She was only 14. Her first modeling
agency was Ford Models. Her modeling career only went up from there.
With Emily Ratajkowsky’s measurements it’s not exactly a
surprise, is it? Now she’s signed with DNA Model Management in
America and VIVA Model Management in Europe.

2. Measurements

wants to know what Emily Ratajkowsky’s measurements are since her
figure looks absolutely stunning. Well, she’s got the dream figure
with 35-24-34 inches (89-61-87 cm). She wears a US size 2. Emily
Ratajkowsy’s weight and height are also a topic many find
interesting. She weighs 119 lbs (54 kg) and is of medium height.
Emily Ratajkowsky’s height is 170 cm which is 5’7. Tall enough
for commercial models, but about 2 inches short for editorial or
runway, but that’s not exactly an issue for Emily.

3. Upbringing

grew up in a very liberal and artsy family. Her mother is an English
professor and her father is an artist and painter John Ratajrowsky.
She was born and spend quite a lot of her childhood in London before
her parents decided to move to America. She used to go on trips
around Europe on holidays and would often spend summers in Ireland.

4. Style

Ratajkowsky likes to play around with fashion. She doesn’t stick to
a particular silhouette, designer or style, but we would say she
always looks very feminine and a bit sexy. She’s not opposed to
going all out for an appropriate event, but generally, she likes to
pick one part of her body to show off instead of everything at once.
She’s often seen showing off her abs, which we’re all jealous
off, but stylishly, without making it look like she’s got too much
skin showing.

5. Acting

she started auditioning for acting jobs Emily was always getting
pigeonholed into the same roles. Pretty girls with not much else in
terms of personality. It’s not something she wanted to pursue and
her manager agreed and said she should wait until some more
interesting roles come along, because otherwise, she would get stuck
doing the same thing. Seems like that worked out for the better.

6. Education

Model scouts have been trying to get hold of
her since early childhood but Emily’s parents wanted her to be a
doctor. Apparently, her mother wanted her to be a brain surgeon. But
in the end, she got signed by a modeling agency as a teen and ended
up studying art at UCLA. However, Emily says she didn’t enjoy it
and felt like an outsider with her classmates. She generally finds
the art world go be quite elitist.

7. Net Worth

Ratajkowsky’s net worth is estimated at $6 million but we assume
it’ll grow the more roles she gets. She now has her own swimsuit
and lingerie line. She does a lot of modeling, she’s the ambassador
for Kérastase and the face of Paco Rabanne perfume.

8. Misconceptions

Lots of people think that Emily Ratajkowsky must be following a very strict diet and have an intense workout regimen to look the way she does. But Emily says it couldn’t be further from the truth. She eats pasta and gnocchi and drinks wine, she’s not a huge fan of salad and she doesn’t do intense workouts. She likes walking outside, maybe doing a bit of yoga. Recently she started going to the gym to do some stretches with bands and using ankle weights but that’s about it. She just eats intuitively and moves her body. The rest is just good genes.

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