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8 Ways to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes 》

Dark circles under the eyes and or even puffy bags can really be a problem and do a number on one’s self-esteem and confidence. A lot of the time we’re told that to avoid these we just need to get a good night’s sleep. But sometimes that’s not the case. Often it has more to do with their diet, the thickness of their skin and the pigments in it, and in some cases it could just be something in their genetic makeup. Nonetheless, most of the time this is a problem that can be quite easily solved and we compiled a couple of ways you can try to get rid of bags under your eyes.



1. Tea Compress
A lot of the time the reason for dark circles or bags under your eyes is bad circulation in that area. And an easy way to fix that is to use a cold compress of rosemary tea on your eyes for 10 minutes.



2. Sunscreen
Sun is not our friend when it comes to the health of our skin. The problem of dark circles will only be exacerbated by sun damage. So make sure to use special sunscreen for delicate areas or your face like young under eye area and your lips. Look for formulas with SPF 20 or above.


3. Pineapple Juice And Turmeric Powder
A mix of pineapple juice and turmeric powder can really work wonders when it comes to removing toxins and increasing circulation. Mix these ingredients until they form a paste and apply to your dark circles for about 10 minutes. Wash off with cold water. As a side note, pineapple and turmeric are also great in a smoothie, you know, while you’re at it.


4. Crushed Mint
A great way to decrease the appearance of dark circles in the morning is to use crushed mint. Just crush up some mint leaves or use a blender to do that and apply that paste under your eyes for 20 minutes, while you get ready in the morning. It’ll have a cooling effect and you may feel some tingling, but it’ll definitely help with dark circles and make you feel awake, refreshed and ready to face the day.



5. Almond Oil
This method will take a little longer to work, but it could be a long term solution. Try rubbing a little bit of almond oil into the skin under your eyes every evening before bed for 2 weeks. Doing this in the evening means that it’ll have more time to penetrate your skin and help with circulation, and in the morning you can just wash the remains off in the shower.


6. Vitamin C
Vitamin C generally helps with the appearance of dark circles, so try to include enough of vitamin C rich foods in your diet. Also, go for vitamin C enriched moisturizer and you’ll see visible results within a couple of days.


7. Test For Allergies
A lot of the times the reason for dark circles or puffiness under the eyes is an allergic reaction. So make sure to do a test or just remove allergens from your diet and see if there’s any improvement.


8. Reduce Salt Intake
If you get a lot of puffiness under your eyes try reducing your salt intake. Consuming too much salt can make you retain water, and that will definitely show up under your eyes, in the form of those puffy bags.

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