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9 Fat Burning Exercises With One Simple Tool To Tone Your Whole Body 》

Everyone wants to have a fit, toned body, but very few of us actually know what to do to get it. Going to the gym is definitely a good idea, but it’s often hard to find the time, and then all of the exercise equipment and all those machines can be kinda intimidating. Plus, it’s not really a great idea to start lifting weights without supervision or learning the proper technique, and hiring a personal trainer can be quite expensive. Luckily there’s actually a whole bunch of exercises you can do at home that will tone your whole body and all you need is one simple tool – a fitness ball.



1. Wall Squats
This is a great way to target your quads and slim down those thighs. Stand with your back to the wall. Put the fitness ball in between your back and wall and squat until your knees bend at a 90 degree angle. The fitness ball will support your back and keep you from leaning forward, therefore guaranteeing correct form.



2. Overhead Ball Pass
This is a great exercise for two reasons. One – you’re laying down on the floor the whole time. Two – you’re still working out your whole body. Just hold the fitness ball with your legs and then pass it to your hands and hold it overhead, and then pass back to your legs. It looks easy, but it’s actually a great workout for your core.

3. Knee Tuck
This particular exercise actually works all of your body too. You’ll be concentrating on tucking your knees, while your core will be working hard to keep you stable and your arms and shoulders will be holding up most of your weight. It’s a very effective toning exercise.

4. Dynamic Plank
Planks are hard to begin with, but doing one on a fitness ball makes it more fun. And when you make it a dynamic one by alternating between lifting your legs – it’s a full body workout. Try doing 15 reps for each leg and you’ll really feel the burn.



5. Reverse Crunch
A reverse crunch on a fitness ball works your abs and the muscles of your back. Just balance on the ball with your chest, keep your feet shoulder width apart on your toes, put your hands behind your head and arch back as far as you can. Try to hold for a couple of seconds and lower yourself back.

6. Overhead Squat
This variation of the squat engages not only your legs but your arms and shoulders too. Fitness balls might seem light and full of air, but once you hold them over your head for 15 or 20 reps you really start to feel their weight.

7. Frog Crunches
Frog crunches may look and sound a bit silly, but you have to try it to realize how much they work your thighs. Kneel with the fitness ball in front of you, roll onto it with your stomach until only your arms are on the floor. Bend your knees while touching your feet, you’re really going for that frog legs look. Now crunch your legs up. Do about 15 reps at a time.



8. Knee Raise
Lie down on the ball, keep your core engaged to balance. Put your hands behind your head, legs bend at the knee with feet firmly planted on the floor. Alternate between lifting your left and right knee towards your chest.

9. Stretch
And finally, one of the best things about fitness balls is that they’re great for stretching. So go ahead and just lie down onto it and stretch out your back. Trust me, it’s very relaxing and exactly what you need after a full body workout.

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