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9 Foods Your Body Will Thank You for Eating 》

There’s a whole world of foods out there that are as good for you as they are delicious. You might not have even tried some of the nutritional powerhouses on this list, but we’re sure you’re bound to find your next obsession here. Whether you’re looking to just up your general health, or cure a specific ailment, one of these tasty and natural snacks will have your back.



1. Honey
Honey is one of the best healers – internal and external! It can fix up your wounds and reduces inflammation, as well as killing off nasty germs and providing you with long-lasting energy. The antioxidants and minerals have been used as ancient medicine for years, so let’s take a note from our ancestors!



2. Bananas
Honestly, who would turn down a choco-banana smoothie? We don’t know, but now you have another excuse to slurp it down. Bananas are as healing as honey, and contain serotonin, which affects your sleep and mood habits (in a good way!). It also helps you digest the rest of your food in a healthy way, and reduces stress. Don’t we all need that in our lives?

3. Ginger
This zinger of an ingredient is often boiled in tea, known for its nausea reducing properties (it’s also been known to heal a belly ache or two). So if motion sickness is your regular jam, this is a natural solution instead of dramamine. It will also lower congestion and turn your immune system into Wonder Woman, so keep this around for the next few months as things cool down.

4. Yogurt
The good bacteria master! Probiotics are the secret behind that healthy bacterial environment that protects your immune and digestive systems. Also, for ladies: it’s really great for vaginal health, so skip the scented pH wipes and go for this alternative.



5. Turnip
The turnip might not be anybody’s dream vegetable, but it sure is a powerhouse. It treats diverticulitis, lowers blood pressure, and has its own cancer fighting properties as a cruciferous root veggie. Turnips are perfect for detoxing and they’re also great for your vision. A turnip a day keeps the doctor away.

6. Bitter Melon
This isn’t exactly an all American healthy food, but other cultures have been utilizing these bumpy, cucumber-like melons for centuries. They actually originally hail from India. They are believed to cleanse the body of toxins and having cancer-fighting properties. Bitter melon definitely doesn’t taste ideal if you’re never tried them before, but their powerful effects on the GI tract, skin disorders, and other wounds make them a must-eat!

7. Collard Greens
We all know we’re supposed to eat our dark, leafy greens, but collards are especially useful for strengthening bones and teeth. They give you your calcium fix without the grossness of whole milk, and their key vitamin and mineral content (like the impressive level of Vitamins K and A).



8. Seed Oil
Sesame, sunflower, grape seed, whatever! Seed oil is great for fertility and balancing hormones due to its high levels of vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, and choline. Black seed oil has been proven to treat health conditions like asthma, and have antioxidant properties.

9. Quinoa
Ok, don’t roll your eyes at this one! Quinoa’s protein content is impressive, but so are its lysine levels, which aids with muscle and tissue repair. So if you’re looking to improve your blood circulation and relax blood vessels (thanks magnesium), you should hit up some quinoa for a stronger you.

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