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9 Smart Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed 》

It is truly incredible at what rate new technology is being designed. Just 30 years ago we had no idea what a cellphone was and now every kid has a smartphone that he can call, text, send emails with and basically do anything you can do on a regular computer. Smartphones are the norm these days, but there are some smart gadgets that you didn’t even know existed. These 9 devices are like something out of a sci-fi movies, but they actually exist!



1. Touch-Hear Dictionary
Scientists in Singapore created this incredible device in order to make reading easier. It’s a text recognition dictionary that consists of 2 parts. A sensor attached to your fingertip and a tiny speaker attached to your ear. With this incredible dictionary you can just touch the word you don’t understand in the book with your fingertip and the meaning of it will be immediately explained to you in your ear. The best thing about it, is that no one else can hear that speaker, only you.



2. Sonogram Belt
With this awesome invention you will no longer need to go to a doctor to get a sonogram picture of your baby. The sonogram belt will allow pregnant women to see their babies move, sleep, eat and react to various sounds and stimuli in real time. You will still need to go to the doctor for check ups of course, but if you just want to see your baby at any time, you can wear this belt.

3. Flat Iron That Lightens Your Hair
Previously, adding highlights or becoming blonde would take hours at the salon. You basically had to schedule your whole day around it, or even do it on your day off. But this all changes with the Pravana Blonde Wand. With this miracle want bleaching your hair only takes 10 seconds per strand.

4. The Cicret
This little gadget is truly impressive. You know how in all the futuristic movies people don’t even have phones or tablets or laptops. Things are just projected onto thin air? Well this is very close to that. Instead of having a phone you just wear a bracelet that projects a smartphone interface onto your arm.



5. Thynk Brain Stimulator
This futuristic gadget is great for those who find it hard to relax. It sends signals to your brain that can help you relax after a hard day at work or alleviate stress. Thynk can also be used in order to wake yourself up in the morning and feel invigorated and ready to face the day. This gadget has a few modes that include “Motivation,“ ”Deep Relaxation,“ “Zen,” ”Deep Sleep” etc. It even has a mode called ”Bliss” which creates a feeling of light drunkenness.

6. GloToSleep
The inventors of this eye mask promise that this gadget can basically cure insomnia. The mask has LED lights on the inside that glow in a specific way that simulates sunset and helps you fall asleep. It’s a great solution for those who spend their evenings tossing and turning for hours, struggling to fall asleep.

7. Smart Bra
This is much more than a regular bra. It can actually help diagnose breast cancer! This smart bra called EVA was designed by a young Mexican boy after his mother almost died of cancer because of a wrong diagnosis. EVA works by monitoring the temperature and weight of the breasts. A change in those parameters means there’s something wrong, like increased blood flow in the breast could be feeding a tumor. You can monitor these changes through an app, downloaded to your smartphone.



8. Light Therapy Mask
Neutrogena came out with a light therapy mask that claims to brighten and overly improve the condition of your skin. Who knew you could do that without using old fashioned clay masks? All you have to do is wear this mask for 10 minutes a day and you should see improvement in a month. The mask is equipped with two types of LED lights: blue lights kill bacteria and red lights reduce inflammation.

9. Tile
How many times have you been late to a meeting because you spent 30 minutes looking for your keys? How often do you wish you could just call your remote control the way you call your cellphone to find it? Well now you can. Tile is a brilliant little gadget that you can attach to anything you tend to lose: keys, remote, a pet. Next time you can’t find it, you can just call and follow the sound or track it through GPS.

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