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9 Strangers Transform Into Their Dream Makeover That They Never Had The Courage For 》

We all have our alter egos on the inside – that dreamer part of us where we close our eyes and imagine how we would look if we were more wild, or more conservative, or just a different style than people know you. That alter ego is our desire to break loose from society’s different restraints – 9 strangers and 1 photographer got the lucky opportunity to see what happens when you let loose those fantasies.



1. For instance, take Helen. She’s always been a sweet-looking, but wanted to try rebellious, and wild looking makeup. Instead of fitting into the norm in public, Helen wanted to see what it would look like to stand out of the crowd for a day.



2. Or Ken, who has an obsession with Star Trek, and wanted an old school makeover. He said, “ I just want everyone to know I love star trek and I’m crazy.” Well, with the shirt you got the Star Trek part down, and the crazy part is pretty self-explanatory with that hairdo.

3. Iris wanted to be transformed into a human doll, but just ended up looking very ‘60s. She did the doll pose pretty well, so we’ll give that to her, and Barbie was known for rocking short-hemmed, colorful dresses like this one. If the Rainbow Brite doll was their goal, mission accomplished!

4. Tabitha had one of the most unusual and hilarious requests out of the women on this list, and that was her fantasy of being a drag queen? Why not? They’re loud, confident, and fabulous divas. They should all be our role models! We think she slayed the final look, which she chose due to liking things that are “quite over the top”.



5. Tom transformed from cute, Harry Styles vibes to a juggalo. He enjoys the juggalo music culture and “weird, subversive faces”. Well if he put down that awkward peace sign situation, it gives us a sort of Joker vibe that we don’t mind too much.

6. Faye’s goal in her transformation was to be taken more seriously and look like more of an adult in her 30s, saying “I want to do this because I feel like, now I’m 30, I really need to dress a bit more seriously and smart.” It’s pretty cute – we all were a businesswoman for at least 1 Halloween, right? She’s definitely giving us boss lady vibes!

7. Melanie decided to go for a full on sex change, not because she struggles with her sexuality, but because it represents “power and strength”. We unfortunately have to agree with that due to the reality of the world, but wish she recognized the power and strength in her own existence! She really does look like a guy in the final product and we’re super into her androgynous versatility.



8. Elouise wanted to go down the same bad girl route as our Goth gal Helen, but she did a little more on the punk, tatted up tip. The tats look pretty realistic and make Elouise look like a badass, paired with those leather pants!

9. 28-year-old John got a degree in pop recording, and has always wanted to be a pop star. So he’s living out his A-lister musical fantasy in this ‘after’ shot. We’re not sure about pop star…maybe Freddy Mercury? Definitely flamboyant with that sassy boa and new hairdo, and very “fierce” as one commenter puts it!

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