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A Bollywood Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial 》

If you’ve seen at least one Bollywood movie you know just how much makeup, sparkles, and glitz Indian film-makers use to make their actresses stand out. And oh boy, do they love makeup! But we have to give it to them, Bollywood makeup artists do create some pretty outstanding looks for their movies. You wouldn’t necessarily want to wear this type of glamorous makeup every day, but once in a while – why not? Here’s an easy Bollywood inspired eye makeup tutorial that will turn you into a real diva.



First things first – use your eye primer as a base for your stunning Bollywood makeup, otherwise your eyeshadow will turn into an un-blendable nightmare. Put a piece of tape at the outer corner of your eye to create a sharp line that will help keep your makeup neat and precise. Take some of that hot pink eye shadow that reminds you of candies and fairy-tales and apply it to the crease area, blending it softly outwards. We promise it’ll look staggering in the end!


This one might be tricky for those of you who aren’t used to using gel eyeliners, but there’s a first time for everything. Don’t worry if you mess up this bit because it’s more of an outline for what comes next, and you’ll be smudging it later anyways. Just draw a relatively thick black line at the outer corner of your eyes and follow the crease area, creating a gorgeous ‘wing’ shape.


You’ve had your fun with pink and now it’s time to apply some shimmery purple right over the black line you’ve just drawn with an eyeliner. Use a small hard crease brush to blend in the eyeshadow creating a sharp finish. You can use a different shade of purple to do the job, but the same purple eyeshadow you’ve used before will work just fine.


Now let’s glam it up! Dampen your brush a bit with water so you can create a denser and more intense colour, and use as much shimmery gold eyeshadow as you want. Apply the eyeshadow to the inner corner area of your eye, covering its middle a little bit as well.


Now we need to bring all the colours together. For that take a light coral or peach eyeshadow and apply it carefully to the spot where gold meets purple. Be careful not to use swiping movements, but rather pat it gently for best effect. Use a blending brush for a seamless smokey look.


Now the hot pink eyeshadow we used in the beginning as the base for our Bollywood makeup probably looks faded in the crease. You can use a bit of the same shade to define it once again for a sharper look.

Don’t forget about your lower lash line! Apply some of shimmery gold eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye and define your lower lash line with the same juicy purple eyeshadow you’ve used before. Now the most important part that will turn your colourful eye makeup into a Bollywood one – create a winged eyeliner look that we always see on actresses in Bollywood movies. Finish the look by applying mascara. Enjoy!

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