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Amazing, Acrobatic Couple Has Wedding Ceremonies All Over The World 》

Apparently, these lovebirds attain their gravity-defying shots without any Photoshop. This is #couplegoals that we are lightyears away from (as we scroll through this eating Lays on our couch). If you thought you had a cool wedding adventure, you’re about to feel super boring. This couple had the unique idea of having a wedding ceremony in every country around the world.



So far, they’re 58 ceremonies, 15 countries, and 6 continents down, which is pretty impressive. But also sort of sounds like too many weddings. We guess it’s romantic. Also, their names are Cheetah and Rhiann, which is already pretty adventurous. For real though, these guys put our spontaneity to shame.



Their carpe-diem attitude to captured perfectly in this post regarding their ceremony in Phuket: ”Every wedding we have is another opportunity for a learning experience, and this one was no exception. Even the most unplanned, unsought-after event can turn into an unforgettable experience.” They even had a ComiCon wedding where they dressed Batman theme.

When they first started planning their wedding, they were startled by the prices, and realized that it would be more in line with their budget and happiness if they help their own simple ceremonies in beautiful locations, rather than staying local and dropping stacks on a ridiculous one-time venue. And they got to open their eyes to a ton of new cultures as well!



Would you get sick of your partner if you just kept going around the globe and marrying them? Evidently, these two haven’t and more power to them! Their wedding locations have included Bogota, Madrid, Mumbai, and countless others. Oh, they’re also casually an acrobatic couple, which is why their poses are so legit.

They didn’t expect the internet fame they received, but welcome it with open arms, as they do their wild wedding adventures internationally. Apart from their IG account, they’ve garnered attention on Singapore newspapers, radio programs in Ireland, and morning shows in the US.



Their personal style and outfits are also exciting to explore as they navigate different countries. The fact that their images aren’t manipulated makes the shots even more mind-bending, and it’s wonderful that two people can express their love in such a unique and rare way should give us all something to strive towards in our relationships.

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