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Coffee In A Cone Is The Craziest New Food Trend Out Of Japan 》

Most recently, the world was exposed to “avo-latte”, the bizarre pouring of espresso into an empty avocado shell, of course the sequel would be serving coffee in a waffle one. We have to admit, if there’s no spillage, this idea is kind of genius.



It’s lined with leak-proof chocolate coating the inside, but you only have about 10 minutes to drink it before the chocolate melts and leaves your precious coffee to soak through the delicate waffle outside. For those of you who prefer to sip on your coffee leisurely, this might not be the best move.

People are doing their take on coffee cones all over the world, but Coffee Cone, a cafe in Tokyo, is absolutely killing the edible coffee cup game with their impressive cones! They’re the only cafe in the world catering specifically to this pairing with different cone options, such as Technicolor theme, sprinkles, or matcha powder. The variety of cones lets tasters play around with different flavors, one-upping everyone else offering coffee cone cups!

But it is a pretty legit alternative to ordering a mocha, since the rich chocolate just sort of seeps through to your coffee, giving it that delicious sweet twinge. And why buy a croissant to go with your morning coffee when you can just eat a coffee flavored sugar cone that flakes into perfect bites?

For those of you who are seriously religious about your coffee, or your ice cream, this creation mixing the two might not be so heavenly, in your eyes. It would definitely feel weird to sip out of a cone, rather than take a hearty bite or lick. But don’t worry, this Tokyo cafe places their cones in glasses or mason jars so you don’t need to awkwardly hold it the whole time.

And it does make the latte art a little more exciting when it’s framed by a chocolate drizzled cone. Coffee Cone Cafe offers unusual art like smiley faces, tulips, and hearts, make the cones even more one-of-a-kind. But don’t be tempted to take a bite out of this baby, otherwise you’ll ruin the candid IG shot and have a handful of hot coffee burns. Not so cute. Maybe you could even try your own DIY version for a brunch beverage your guests definitely won’t forget.

Well, folks, we’re officially in the era of bizarre food items created just for novelty and Instagram, and this food mash-up is no exception! Soon, every city will have coffee in a cone, and the hashtag #coffeeinacone has gone viral. Is this your favorite, or do you prefer the cronut or avo-latte?

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