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Forget Pumpkins – You Need To Be Eating These Fall Vegetables 》

As soon as September and October roll around, it’s all about pumpkin spice everything. Pumpkins get the entire fall veggie spotlight, but we think it’s time to show the other amazing vegetable options for this season that are under-utilized in recipes. Here are some of our top picks!



These may look funny and not that appetizing in the store, but the inside is full of nutrients and has a rich, creamy flavor (especially when blended into soup – our favorite!). We like to blend it up and drink it, but it’s also delicious halved and stuffed with grains and veggies of your choice.



The options with this bloody veggie are endless – you can slice them up and roast them into veggie chips, chop them up and serve with goat cheese a salad, or mash into a veggie burger.
They’re filled with potassium, copper, and manganese, amongst other detoxifying nutrients.

Green Beans
We always see this in a horrendous casserole version some time around Thanksgiving. But there are more innovative ways to be cooking with the protein-rich veggie which is also known to fight depression and increase fertility. Try them chopped up in a cold pasta salad!

This veggie doesn’t get that much hype, but we think it’s an underrated member of the root veggie fam. They’re a low-carb option if potatoes are too heavy for you, and while people get nervous of the slightly bitter taste, cooking them into a tagine or stew will neutralize that, and you’ll be addicted in no time.



The missing ingredient to your stir-fry that you’ve been waiting for. Bok Choy works equally well, but southern-style collard greens have a special place in our hearts, and served with mashed sweet potatoes and mac and cheese, we could probably come back for thirds!

Brussel Sprouts
These cancer-fighting greens have been on-trend for a while now, and we adore them roasted until the edges are a little crisped. You can toss them in a honey mustard dressing and garnish with cranberries, or you can chop up some bacon if your inner carnivore is yearning.

You can fry up fat slices of cauliflower and garnish them for a unique cauliflower steak entree. Or you can include them in various soups, salads, and even churn them into your mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving!



This bright, snappy veggie is our favorites year-round, but it fits into fall salads with ease. Simply chop one up into thin slices and add some red peppers and lettuce – voila, instant salad created, just drizzle a little olive oil on! Also amazing added into risotto.

Cabbage is a great staple for slaws and soups (hello warm Borscht when we’re frozen to the bone), but it has a lot of versatility. You can always roast it, or serve as a wedge salad, drizzled with dressing. You can even pickle it!

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