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Girl Secretly Illustrates Her Life with BF, Uploads Comics, And They Go Viral! 》

We’ve all had these hilarious moments in our lives which we desperately wanted to turn into a doodle, comic, or even a sitcom. We rarely act upon these urges, but some people actually do it! Catana is one of those lucky girls who has everything – the cute ‘material’ for her comics and the means to turn it into a kind of art. When her boyfriend posted comics about their daily life online, the Internet was blown away. Everyone had a cuteness overload! Now thousands of people are waiting for Catana’s weekly updates to check out what the couple has been up to lately. She keeps on sharing the sweet little moments of their relationships accompanied by witty comments and adorable messages. Here are 15 comics that will make your day instantly better.



Feeling down or sick? There’s a perfect remedy that will make everything better in a few seconds.



We’re all pretty used to the idea that relationships are a fleeting thing that don’t last long, and while it may be true for some people, others still believe in true love and affection that doesn’t get any less with age.



If you were wondering about the safest place on Earth, well, this is it. No seat belts or helmets needed!

Can a boyfriend even be so cute and attentive? Apparently, yes. Congrats to Catana, this guy is an angel in disguise!



Cats are tricky. A celebration is in order once the furry arrogant cutie pie has finally chosen you to be his couch. We know this scene oh so well!

Dates: before and after. What can we say, it only gets better as time passes by! And who said Harry Potter was not romantic?



Oh, he knows women so well! Sometimes women are like cats – you can get away with a bit of cuddling, hugging and forehead kissing.



Sleeping together is much easier than everyone thinks. The #1 rule – no rules at all! And pray that your better half is as accepting as this young man.

Robots are fun, but sharing the overall experience of meddling with them is even better! That’s what boyfriends are for – looking at Roombas. Seriously.



Flirting will never be the same after this. Well, this is what happens when you’ve been around each other for a couple of years. Or decades.

Weekends are so precious, you can do about anything – go cycling, watch some movies, go to the restaurant, enjoy the sunset or…just this. Nothing, nothing at all.



The boyfriend that loves a girl without makeup, shall be loved back till the end of all time.



Now it’s hard to believe there even was a ‘before’. The mysterious Medieval Times predating happy Modern Days of relationships.

The key is to find a guy that loves when you’re wearing both.



Men and women are not so different after all. Especially when it comes to a person they love!

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