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How To Become An Internet Sensation Using A Kid and Some Veggies 》

Did your mother tell you not to play with food? Well perhaps that was a mistake on her part. For Alya Chaglar and her 3 year old daughter Stefani, playing with food was exactly what led them to becoming an internet sensation. You see, Alya is a painter, and for her, there’s nothing more fun than dressing up her kid in all sorts of vegetables and flowers using the magic of perspective. All she has to do is hold up a veggie at the exact right distance and angle and voila, her daughter appears to be wearing a piece of broccoli as a gorgeous and unique dress.


You’ve got to admit that is a very cool and creative way to entertain a child, and teach them about perspective at the same time. Little Stefani seems to be enjoying her role as a model too, posing in a variety of cute and adorable poses. Their Instagram, which documents this unusual playtime, already has over 30k followers and keeps growing with each new post.


We thought we’d share our favorite “outfits” and snaps from their account for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy and get inspired! We definitely need more of such creative mother daughter duos in this world.



1. Look how cute Stefani looks in this flower dress.


2. Banana dress anyone? Perfect for a tropical getaway.


3. An elegant flower gown, fit for a red carpet, don’t you think?


4. We bet this was the picture that inspired Lady Gaga to wear her bubble dress.


5. Roses are red, and some fun will be had!


6. How cheeky is this? The shoes might be a smidge too big though.


7. Parsley dress? Why not?

8. Ideas for your wedding – a dress made out of daisies.


9. It’s summertime! Get your watermelon dress on!


10. Little floral Marilyn Monroe lookalike.


11. Work it girl, you look stunning!


12. Cherries are not only a yummy snack, but also a great choice for an outfit and a great replacement for earrings. Who wears diamonds anymore? That’s so last year. It’s all about cherries now.


13. You don’t like salad greens? I laugh in your general direction. You have no idea what you’re missing out on.


14. Who knew cauliflower can look so elegant?

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